Thanks for a great show!

A full list of winners can be found here.

If you want to see all the fun we had from at that night, there's a video below from our friends at Made Freshly and the official photo album.

Awards for Makers by Makers

Our goal through our awards process is to shine a light on the amazing work that is being created by professional makers. It was important for us to have a process that was based on not only people who made great stuff, but also people who were killing it at their business. The people who understand this best are other makers and the businesses that work directly with them. A true honor, for us, was one that wasn't about how good you are about soliciting your friends and followers to vote for you, but it's about true admiration from your peers. That's why it's very important to us to have our Best Artist, Handmade Community Superstar and Best Supporter Business awards to be voted on by our members, who have gone through an application process showing that they are indeed part of the maker community. That said, we are a new community and we know the handmade world is vast! That's why we encourage others involved in handmade work to let us know who we should be voting on by nominating makers and supporter businesses. 

Check out the fabulous list of the 2014 nominees and winners here.

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