Academy of Handmade believes that handmade business success happens in community, with shared knowledge and generous support.

Your business doesn’t feel like most businesses. As a maker, you are creating, selling and shipping your product. You aren’t a blogger or infopreneur, so a lot of the advice and support out there can feel like it doesn’t apply to you. We totally get that and we want to help.

All of our programming, content and community are designed to benefit the special needs of your business. This also means we recognize that there isn’t “one way” to do business or craft your product. 

The right education at the right time is invaluable to a business and totally worth it!



Sharon Fain and Isaac Watson are passionate about helping makers create sustainable businesses-- whatever that looks like for them! They have been working on Academy of Handmade together after separately building maker communities of their own. Yup, their own business is a model of why community over competition is so great.

Sharon has a background in PR and marketing, and loves to help makers be more strategic in their businesses.

Isaac is a former maker himself who enjoys creating new programs to help makers, especially helping them think bigger about their business.

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