Ever try to apply what you've learned on your own in business? There's a lot of internal dialogue that mostly sounds like, "Am I doing this right?"

A lot of knowledge is never acted upon because we are unsure if we are implementing it correctly. That's why we created a program where you can ask all the clarifying questions you have IN REAL TIME.

We call it Friendtorship (yeah, we know we're dorky). We think mentorship can have guru vibe to it and what we want more than anything is for you to find trusted maker friends--compadres, buddies, besties, chums, what have you-- who can guide through foundational business processes. They've walked in your shoes and want to help you not repeat their mistakes! 

And this one is just for the holidays

We offer two editions of the Friendtorship program:

  • a 4-week condensed course focused on preparing for the holidays (on sale right now)
  • an 8-week big picture course focused on the foundations of a maker business (February launch)


We are now accepting applications for the 2017 Holiday Friendtorship program.

Read below for more details!