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First, thanks for being part of this journey to create a strong, vibrant community of professional makers where they are celebrated and have the resources they need for success. You are the thing that makes this whole crazy experiment worth it. Each and everyone of you is inspiring and important to making a broad community of makers exist and meaningful.

We know that many of you are new and just wrapping your head around what it looks like to be a member. This is definitely something that's different and not like anything else out there, so we hope that you will give us input as to what you want to see more and less of. 

We would love your feedback on how we are doing, how we can improve and ways you'd like to be involved. If you want to remain anonymous, please just fill in "NA" in the first/last name. That said, we'd love to know who you are so we can talk with you about any concerns and follow up with you. 

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