Jenny Hart of Sublime Stitching receives the Mast Maker award.

Jenny Hart of Sublime Stitching receives the Mast Maker award.

Awards and Show 

Our 2014 inaugural awards show was a success! You can read more about it hear on the blog

NOMINATIONS ARE NOW CLOSED. A big thinks thanks to everyone who participated in the nominations process! We will begin nominations for the 2015 awards in October 2014. Check out the fabulous list of the 2014 nominees and winners here in the meantime.

Sponsorship Opportunities

We are actively seeking sponsors for the 2015 awards show, including in-kind sponsors. If you are interested in sponsoring, please email 

Check out our 2014 sponsors! 

Award Categories and Groups

Awards will be given out for two separate groups: Best Artist and Achievement Honorees.

Achievement Honoree distinction goes to those businesses who have received the most nominations are based upon the product or service offered

The categories for Achievement Honorees include:

  1. Blogging or website (business focus)
  2. Blogging or website (craft focus)
  3. Craft Show/Market (50 or more vendors)
  4. Craft Show/Market (under 50 vendors)
  5. Craft Event: Non-Market (camp, conference, workshop, party, etc.)
  6. Craft Business Support (consulting, coaching and other business services)
  7. Craft Studio (space for creating crafts and buying supplies)
  8. Handmade Retail (focusing on selling finished crafts)
  9. Craft Museum (space for displaying crafts)
  10. Craft Instructor/Author
  11. Fashion - Accessories
  12. Fashion - Apparel Men's & Women's
  13. Fashion - Apparel Kids & Babies
  14. Furniture
  15. Jewelry
  16. Plush and Toy
  17. Home and Garden Accessories
  18. Stationery
  19. Printmaking
  20. Furniture and Lighting
  21. Bath and Beauty
  22. Food- Baked
  23. Food- Preserves, Pickled Goods and Sauces
  24. Food- Other
  25. Pet Accessories
  26. Online Craft Marketplace (a place for purchasing finished handmade goods)
  27. Online Craft Retail (a place for purchasing supplies or kits)

Best Artist award winners are voted on by members from the pool of nominees and are categorized based upon the raw material (medium) they primarily work with. This is to give special honor and distinction to those artists who have innovated and used tremendous skill in the making of their product. However, their work as a business is also considered. During the nomination process, nominators will be asked to select which medium they feel is the strongest for the nominated artist.

The Best Artist categories include:

  1. Paper
  2. Textiles
  3. Needlework
  4. Metal
  5. Ceramics
  6. Upcycling
  7. Wood
  8. Edible
  9. Mixed Media/Other
  10. Living Medium
  11. Leather


What do I get if I win?

First you'll receive major props and high-fives for really kicking butt at your business this past year. But wait, there's more! :) 

  • One-year of website service from Squarespace where you can design and host your website. 
  • Branding package from Moxie Pear Creative which includes a business card design, hang tag design, promo card design and label design as well as 250 printed pieces of each one.
  • 2-pack of washi tape
  • 3-pack of recycled glues from Nine Live Products
  • A ticket to the Next Level Business Workshop (choice of June or September 2014 workshops) worth $275.
  • A physical award handmade with love by us!
  • An electronic winner badge you can use in your branding

Why are there two categories of winners?

You might be wondering why we have a Best Artist group that honors skill in crafting from raw materials and then the Achievement Honoree group that honors end products and services and is based upon number of nominations. Our hearts have always been to honor those that are making great products along with handmade business supporters who run the blogs, provide the consulting, put on the markets and open their workshop doors that support everyone who makes and sells. In the process of deciding what honoring that would look like we began to see that honoring this business side should be done separately and can be done by the general audience in the nominations process. However, special praise needs to be given to those who truly make with their hands and transform the possibilities of raw materials into treasured objects that resonate with consumers. This process of transformation is best understood by peers and so a more selective voting process is necessary to designate Best Artists. We recognize that there are variety of skills and abilities within our community, and some people may excel easily at their business due to the nature of their craft's scalability and market demand while others may achieve a level of artistry that is far more refined due to the nature of their craft.