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Better Know a Member

A continuing series where each meeting we sit and talk to fellow AHAS members and get to know more about the evolution of their businesses and the personal philosophies that guide their art.

The series is a recorded conference call that is moderated by our online chapter leaders and may have other members on that ask questions or add to the conversation.

Better Know A Member #1

Our guests for this episode:
TeDi Jansen - Small Acre Farm
Susan Elliot- Neptune Creations

We talk about starting a new business and how they get inspired.


Our guest for this episode:
Jill Evans - Hapertas & Co.

We talk about rebranding, doing shows and how Jill is trying to make more time for herself.


Our guest for this episode:
Jeff Daigle - Denver Business Design Consulting

Jeff shares about his design business, why design matters and how he helps makers.


Our guest for this episode:
Angie Clay - Liberate and Lather

We discuss Angie's goal setting process,  her experience transitioning from one type of business to another (jewelry to bath and body)  and the importance of genuine customer service.


Our guest for this episode:
Adrienne Wiley - Frolick Jewelry

We discuss the evolution of Adrienne's business from a hobby she started at a dissatisfying office job to the full time jewelry studio and brick and mortar shop she owns today. She shares her experience learning from the ground up and how she now helps other makers trying to find their way in trade shows and wholesale.