Next Level Thanks

Saturday was the culmination of MONTHS of planning and preparation to make our Next Level Business Workshop happen! We feel it was a great success and we learned valuable new information. Plus we had great time socializing and hanging out with a great group of makers. Truly, we felt so blessed! Thank yous are in order for all of the speakers, panelists and photographers, as well as everyone who attended. AND of course our sponsors The Naked Grape and Dominique's Kitchen

We will be doing this again in the spring... please let us know what you'd like to see! Whether you attended or wanted to, we would love feedback on anything and everything. You can email all your thoughts and idea to  

KC and Sharon

Please check out the delightful panelists, photographers and speakers from the day!

Jonathan Ventura, Anon-y-Mouse: Striking photos of people and landscapes, Jonathan Ventura’s photography captures true beauty-- naturally and relaxed. He’s got mad skills making his own paper, too. You can find his photos and print design work at

Rainbeau Tharp, Photographer: A jack of many trades and master of all of them, Rainbeau Tharp’s talents include photography, crafts, producing and pizza-eating (she’s pretty braggy about that last on). She logs her creative adventures at

Katie Hunt, Tradeshow Bootcamp: As a maker of fine stationery, Katie Hunt saw a need to help her fellow stationers rock a tradeshow. So she started Tradeshow Bootcamp, whose alums boast placement and success at premiere gift shows. Keep up with her at @kelpdesigns on Twitter or sign up for a workshop at

Ann Loud, designer and display artist: With places like Renegade and Anthropologie on her resume, her aesthetic cred is pretty solid. When not chasing her adorable baby, she’s creating cute bags and accessories that survive babies making them their personal teething devices. She’s also the nicest person you will meet. Her work is at

Delilah Snell, Patchwork Show and Craftcation: A crafter’s crafter, Delilah is part of the powerhouse duo behind Patchwork Show and Craftcation. She also runs a retail shop in Santa Ana (Road Less Traveled) and is a master food preserver. It makes us tired thinking about all she does. You can find her all over the internet:,,

Zak Graff, Ensemble ZKG: Taking his years of experience working all parts of retail (sales, buying, managing, and more!), Zak Graff founded Ensemble ZKG as way to connect artists and producers in collaborations that result in even greater brand exposure and success. Think of him almost like a creative business matchmaker. Check him out at

Dave Conrey, Fresh Rag: The exact guy you want your business to make friends with, Dave Conrey lives for helping creatives become successful entrepreneurs (don’t get him started on the term “starving artist”...or do, because what he says will be enlightening and entertaining). His thoughts and podcast chatter can be found