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Academy Of Handmade

We're doing a blog series on things that can take your business to the next level. Things that are crucial for you to go from amateur to money-making professional.  Which is why we created the October 26 Next Level Business Workshop as a day where you can make these tweaks happen. This week we spoke with Ann Loud, a display artist and set designer who will also be teaching display and merchandising techniques at the Next Level Workshop! Ann gave a little preview of her class and some things to think about when you are creating your booth set up.

Display by Ann at Anthropologie

Display by Ann at Anthropologie

Always be editing!
Use a discerning eye to examine displays: from a department store to your favorite boutique, take mental notes what merchandizing and displays you connect with.  Think of how you would alter those you don't connect with.

Go beyond the trend!
Absorb the visual trends in display and merchandizing, then think about how you can go beyond them and take your own presentation to the NEXT LEVEL!

It's all in the details.
What do the details in your booth say about you and your product?  Will your product be remembered for your poorly handwritten signage or unclear prices?  Everything you present should represent you and your product for the best.  Don't let the seemingly little things slip through the cracks.

Think like the customer.
Step back and critically look at your product and display presence.  What makes you want or not want to shop it?  Customers make up their minds to shop something in seconds; does your display grab you in that first glance?

Window display by Ann

Window display by Ann


Ann Loud graduated with a BFA from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston in 2006. She has since worked as a Heidleberg Windmill press operator, a display coordinator for Anthropologie, a set dresser, an Art Director, and a freelance maker of things. She currently lives and works in Los Angeles. You can contact her at