Meet San Francisco Chapter Co-Leader Caitlin!

By now you've heard us talk about the start of our San Francisco chapter... and we are totally excited for it! If you're in the SF area on October 15 please join us for the chapter launch event. You already met chapter leader Rebecca and now we'd like you meet her co-leader Caitlin, a social media whiz that has a passion for helping creatives! She's also offering a sweet consulting deal (50% off in October!) for members.

Q: Introduce yourself!
A: I'm Caitlin Bacher, founder of Little Farm Media. Little Farm Media is a social media management agency for creatives.

I grew up in northern New Mexico and moved to San Diego, where I received a B.A. from UCSD. I taught elementary school for eight years in San Diego and also served as the Chief Communications Officer for my teacher's union. As CCO, I developed a website, blog, and social media strategy to generate positive press for the teachers in my district. I did a little bit of everything: PR, website design, blog writing, and social media management. I loved all of it, especially the social media management.

My experience as a teacher taught me how to tell a story and deliver engaging content to my students. I found these skills to be very useful while planning a social media strategy.

After my daughter was born, I wanted more flexibility in my work schedule. I decided to take a break from being a teacher and develop a new career path for myself. At the same time, some of my friends started their own businesses as makers and designers. Like most small business owners, they struggled with developing a social media marketing plan.

I began helping them develop their social media strategy and fell in love with the process. I made a couple of cold-calls, got some referrals, and soon I couldn't help my friends for free anymore. ; - )

Little Farm Media is now a social media strategy and management agency for makers, artists, and designers. By focusing on a niche market, I'm able to research and develop relationships with key influencers. These relationships are essential when I need to promote a client's work. Little Farm Media offers a range of services to fit every budget.

Q: You do social media... what are the biggest mistakes you see with makers and social media? 
A: The biggest mistake I see is a lack of consistency. Time, patience, and consistency are required to build a following. Scheduling time each week to plan your social media posts is an essential part of growing your business. If you look at makers who have a large following, you will notice that they post fresh content on a consistent basis. Be patient, it doesn't happen overnight. Also, don't feel like you have to post on every social media platform. You will burn out.

Q: Why are you excited to be pioneering an Academy of Handmade chapter in San Francisco?
A: Nobody appreciates the value of social media like a maker. I get so much inspiration from the creative ways makers use social media to promote their brand. I'm looking forward to collaborating with a new community of creative people.

Q: Share a little about the handmade community in San Francisco.
A: The handmade community in San Francisco knows the power of collaboration. I am blown away by how open everyone is to sharing information. The more we help each other, the faster our businesses will grow. We're all in this together!

Q: What's your favorite thing about San Francisco or the Bay Area?
A: People in this city know how to make things happen. This is evident by the incredible number of entrepreneurs in the area. Being an entrepreneur can be isolating if you try to do everything by yourself. The new San Francisco chapter of AHAS provides members with a support system that has been proven to grow businesses.

Q: Where can people find you online?