Awards for Makers by Makers

Have you ever wondered what all the fuss is surrounding the Oscars? The Academy Awards has a lot of excitement, pageantry and speculation (um, possibly toooo much) leading up to them. While there might be a “season” of awards shows, this one always remains king. And it is precisely because it means the most to those who receive them.

And why do we see so many actresses (and actors!) get weepy and thank the “Academy”? It’s because of who votes for the honor-- it’s peer-based (for actors by actors!). While the Golden Globes has tried to unseat the Oscars, it is ultimately more rewarding to be affirmed by peers who understand the toil of your labor much more than a critic.

It was this peer-based affirmation and celebration of art that got me and KC thinking nearly two years ago. After spending a few years helping her build her craft business and working with other makers, going to all the shows and seeing the love put into handmade products… we had to ask ourselves: Why isn’t there an Oscars of Crafting?

Sure, there are certain contests that you can “win” and get your product recognized, but most of these are hyperlocal (like a county fair) or are essentially internet popularity contests. But there wasn’t really anything that was a celebration or recognition by peers. There was a need for awards that were for makers by makers.

And so *BOOM* we made it happen! Last year's event was a celebration of community, hard work and inspired making. It was beyond our wildest imagination (you can see photos of last year's show on the blog). We are so thankful to everyone that was on board with our crazy dream and worked tirelessly to make it happen. 

It is with great excitement that we announce that the nominations process will begin on October 21 at 9:00am PST. Please visit our newly updated awards page to see what's up for the 2015 Awards Show! And save the date for the show: March 7, 2015. You can also buy your tickets now... which seems crazy but we anticipate selling out.

Can't wait to celebrate makers together!
Director & Co-Founder