MARKET MONDAY: Sacramento's Good Design Market

There are great markets for makers in cities all over the place. This week we head to Sacramento where illustrator Pigment & Parchment has been vending at the Good Design Market. We're delighted that she's sharing her experience with us!

Q: Tell us about your shop!
A: Pigment & Parchment is all about hand made illustrations! I create original art that I use in my wedding & event paper goods, branding artwork for businesses, and ready made or commissioned artwork for home decor & stationery. 

For commission work, I send out a questions and get to know my clients and their vision. Then I start sketching on my tablet. Once that's approved, I mix watercolor, gouache and calligraphy tools to create the imagery. I scan it, clean up the images on Photoshop & print! For items that aren't commissioned, I just skip the sketching on my tablet!

The Pigment & Parchment booth at the Good Design Market in Sacramento.

The Pigment & Parchment booth at the Good Design Market in Sacramento.

Q: How did you hear about this show?
A: I first heard about GOOD Street Food & Design Market on Instagram! I was preparing to move to Midtown Sacramento and found their holiday special two day market! 

Q: Why did you decide to apply to this show?
A: I have done quite a few crafts fairs and this one felt very contemporary and curated compared to all of the ones I had ever been in. It was not your grandma's craft fair, which really appealed to me. Since Sacramento isn't as huge as the Bay Area or LA it's really the only thing like it in our neck of the woods. 

Q: What's the application and jurying process like? What requirements do you have to meet?
A: I sent in an application that can be found on and linked it with my website/portfolio. I met Maritza (one of the two founders of Unseen Heroes who puts on GOOD) in person shortly after and was at the market the next week!

They curate the market to not have too many vendors in any category. They also have rules about not leaving a bunch of empty boxes under your table and not packing up early etc. which I really appreciate. It elevates the aesthetic of the whole market, which Unseen Heroes is all about. Once you're an approved vendor you can just sign up to whatever markets you want for the whole season. 

Q: What was the atmosphere like?
The atmosphere is very community oriented. There's always a dj, food trucks, seating areas indoor and outside and for play areas for kids while parents shop! There's a bar and the environment they create keeps people hanging out with friends they meet there. 

Q: What kind of vendor would do well here or not do well here?
A: Vendors who are creating innovative new items. I don't believe vendors with high price point items do as well here. Vendors with food items probably do best since everyone who comes to GOOD stays to eat! 

Q: What should people considering the show know about it?
A: The busiest shows are the first couple in spring & summer and the December GOOD Market. There's no air conditioning or heat in the building so bring layers if you're in winter and a handheld fan in summer! 

Q: Anything else?
A: Though my sales from GOOD haven't been great, I've met a lot of people who have come to my workshops and who have commissioned artwork from me. If you're interested in building a presence in the community and getting your brand and name out there GOOD is great! Their team is really helpful and supportive and do all they can to get people buying local and handmade. 

Q: Where can people find your stuff?
A: Most of the items I sell at GOOD are available at! My commission illustration services are my main focus though and that portfolio is on