Pitching Yourself

The idea of pitching yourself can seem intimidating. The whole idea of pitching conjures up desperate self-promotion to many. And I totally get this. If my background wasn't in PR, I would feel the same way too. I am the least PR-est  PR person, but I do understand the need to be proactive with reaching out to influencers, be it the media or bloggers or people who could financially back your business. Here are some tips for the next time you need to pitch yourself.

Put Yourself in Their Shoes

I think most people go wrong with pitching themselves by focusing on selling themselves.  They believe they are a good story or worth promoting or investing in. They get soooo excited that they just go on and on about all their great points. Is that an email you would want to receive?

Instead, think about what they need. How can you be helpful to them? What do they need and want? What does their audience need and want? Then think about your company and what it can do to help. If you don't really have something of value that can really help, you might want to reconsider if this person is someone you should pitch to.  

Be Clear


When you are asking for something from someone or offering them something you wish to take them up on, clarity is of utmost importance. This means being direct and obvious. Don't hide what you are asking for in flowery language or tip toe around it. Remember that if you are truly coming from a place of being helpful and offering something of value, being clear about what you are offering 

Be Brief

This goes with above, but if you go on and on about what you want, add way more details than necessary and use jibberish language people will delete your email, won't respond or won't get past the first sentence.


Follow Directions

Whether it's a blogger or a journalist, most of the time you will be given guidelines for pitching them. This is because these people are inundated with emails and following directions help them sift through those more efficiently. Please don't think you are the exception to their rules. This will likely annoy them greatly and assure that your pitch gets pitched (hey-oh!).

If you are unclear about rules or the most appropriate person to send it to... ASK. Do that before assuming.  

Don't Harass

While you should most definitely follow up with people if you don't hear back from them after a week or so (depending on their directions to you), you definitely should not bother or pester them. While we have all heard the stories about how people were relentless in their pursuit of someone, contacting them day after day or what have you, this is more likely to backfire on you.

Harassing can also look like following up on social media or in other ways that are not appropriate. Be respectful and remember that they are busy and will not always have time for a reply or an immediate response. This is a relationship you are cultivating, so while they might respond this time, they might next time. 

While these tips won't guarantee placement or that you will get what you want, they will help make the relationship you are seeking to establish with this person one that gets off on the right foot.

What has your experience been with pitching yourself? Let us know in the comments below or on our Instagram.

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