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Are You Killing Your Craft Show Vibe? Part 2


Are You Killing Your Craft Show Vibe? Part 2

Academy Of Handmade

Last week was the first in a series of posts discussing the ways you might be killing your craft show vibe. One of our AWESOME membersMiriam Dema, has done a lot of shows over the years and we've noticed that she has really honed in on a strategy that works for her.

So we asked her to share her thought process on the three things she always does for each show. In her last post, she talks about all of the pre-show ritual. Today, we are excited for her to talk about some day-of-show self care.

Miriam Dema's booth at Patchwork Long Beach.

Miriam Dema's booth at Patchwork Long Beach.

I have a few things that help me to have a good show and stay in a good frame of mind! None of this has to do with stock or merchandise, which is a whole other set of planning. Shows are HARD. Loading your car full of tables and merchandise and then hauling it into a different show each time is HARD. For an artist that may spend most of their time holed up in the studio making things to go to talking to strangers all day is HARD. Smiling all day is HARD work. ;)


The night before every show I buy or fill up two big water bottles to drink for each day of a show. And I make sure I drink them. This sounds simple but as much as sales are important, it's wayyyyy more important that I take care of myself and stay hydrated. 

I also always pack a lunch or snacks. I never wing this anymore. I don't rely on food trucks or vendors onsite. I pack a lunch :) 

I also wear something comfy and pack a hat if it's outside or a sweater if it might be chilly. I'm getting old (yup) so standing all day is a bit rough, I bring tall stools so that I'm sitting at the same height as people that are standing. That way if I do need a break, I can take one without disappearing behind a table or looking like I don't want to be there. 

How do you take care of your physical self at shows? Comment below! And stay tuned for part three tomorrow.

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