Printing Experiments at Ink + Smog's New Workshop

Two weekends ago we had the pleasure of checking out member Ink+Smog's new space. We have been fans of their work for a while and were thrilled to here that they expanded into a new space with new (to them) equipment with some amazing old presses they inherited. Plus they're also going to be trying use the shop as place for other printers to use who are just starting out). 

Our purpose there was also to do some textile printing on a cloth that will eventually become a tablecloth for us to use at shows and whenever we need to cover an official Academy of Handmade table. :) 

Thanks to Sulky, we had Stick N' Carve sheets that we had printed out with designs we wanted to use beforehand. The product is pretty cool as you can stick on a block to carve and it very easily washes out afterward. We found that it did best on the linoleum and Speedycarve blocks (not so much with doing potato stamps). It sticks very nicely and when you start carving it's best to outline with a knife first to get your before starting to do any carving lines. 

We also used some leftover Tulip soft fabric paint and some pouncers that worked perfect to reuse for this project.