Awards Show Recap

A little over a year ago KC and I had the craziest dream: hold an awards show that would honor the artistry and business skills of makers. It would be the kind of awards show that wasn't a popularity contest where you had to rustle up friends to vote for you. It would be voted on by peers who understand how hard it is to be doing business for yourself AND making all of the product yourself. The show would need to feel special and like a party. And then on April 26, 2014 that dream became a reality that was more beautiful and special than we could have ever imagined. Not because we made it so, but because of all the great and wonderful people who showed up, put in volunteer hours months before and who became active in our community to make the special place it is today! 

Here's a little bit from that special night! :)

"And the Academy of Handmade Award Goes to..."

Below are the winners of the Best Artist Awards as chosen by our members. 

NEEDLEWORK: Melissa Loschy of Loschy Designs
PAPER: Jeannette Champion-Fanning of Sweet Perversion
MIXED MEDIA/OTHER: Kristen Pumphrey and Thomas Neuberger of P.F. Candle Co.
CERAMICS: Jenn Romero of Unurth
LIVING MEDIUM: Angela Price of Eden Condensed
TEXTILES: Jane Regasa of Janie XY
UPCYCLING Nominees: of Barrington Blue
WOOD: Lindsay Zeulich of Wood Brain
EDIBLE: Janeen Gudelj of The Donut Snob
LEATHER Nominee: Jeric Arpon of Montrose Leather Works
METAL: Lauren Matsumoto of Mitsymoto


Full list Best Artist finalists, Achievement Honorees and nominees.

We also honored Jenny Hart of Sublime Stitching as our Master Maker. Read more about that distinction

Photos from the night are here!

Check out the slideshow and year-in-review that were also at the show! Thanks to member Maddie Spoto for getting that all together.