Lessons in Design with Lisa of Moxie Pear Design

We think it's incredibly important that to be an organization that supports the business efforts of makers, we need to include people who work closely with makers. One such member is Lisa of Moxie Pear Design. She specializes in working with the budget and packaging needs that makers have. She talked with us a little about good design and why it's so important to a small business.

Q: Introduce yourself and your business!
A: My name is Lisa White and I own and operate Moxie Pear Design. I create affordable websites and branding for small businesses, artists and crafters. 


Q: Why is good design important for makers?
A: Your branding and design is the first thing that people see so you want it to reflect your business in the right way. By starting out with a good impression, you are opening up yourself to more customers. 

Q: What mistakes do you often see with makers when it comes to design?
A: Not creating a cohesive design between your business and the products you make. You want your entire business to feel like everything belongs together. When someone sees your products, you want them to immediately know who its from and you can do that through branding. 

Q: Many makers don't have the money to hire a designer for all of their design needs, where should they spend their money when it comes to design?
A: There are so many options available now for budget friendly design. In fact, I changed up my entire business model to focus on this aspect. I wanted to be able to serve as many clients as possible who couldn't afford to spend thousands of dollars on a new logo or website. I think using the most money toward your website makes the most sense. Afterall, it is essentially your store front and you want it to be beautiful but also user friendly and informative for customers. Besides, the design aspect...product photography would be a great place to put your money. You can have the most beautiful website out there but if your photos aren't great then no one will want to buy your products. 

Q: What apps or other tools do you think are the best at helping makers do DIY design?
A: My two favorite DIY apps are PicMonkey and Canva. PicMonkey is a great, free online photo editing tool that you can do a lot with. I recommend it all the time to my clients. Canva is also a really great tool for creating banners for FB and your website for super cheap or even free. 

Q: You work a lot on visual branding... can you explain what that is?
A: Visual branding are the things that your customers see everyday. This could be your packaging, business cards, hang tags, website, shop...anything that is in front of your customers. 

Q: Why is it so important?
A: You want to have a cohesive look between everything with your business and this is especially important in branding.

Q: Anything else?
Starting a growing a small business is sometimes tough but I would like to just say that in the end it is so worth all of the effort! I wouldn't trade what I do for anything in the world! 

Q: Where can people find your stuff?
A: You can view my new website of design services at moxiepeardesign.com. I have also started a business with my partner (aka StudMuffin) called Yonder Years. We create furniture and decor from reclaimed pallet wood. You can see our current line at yonderyearsshop.com