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What's It Like Selling on


What's It Like Selling on

Academy Of Handmade

There's an almost constant stream of new places to sell your work as a maker. The choices can be daunting and it can be hard to take the leap if you don't know anyone who sells on that platform. Our lovely friend Britt Castellano of A Handcrafted Home was kind enough to tell us about her experience with the up-and-coming, which has a unique model for selling. Thanks Britt for dropping your knowledge bombs on us!

Brit Castellano of A Handcrafted Home

Brit Castellano of A Handcrafted Home

Q: Introduce yourself and what you make.
A: My name is Brittany Castellano and I am the owner, designer and maker for my shop, A Handcrafted Home.  I design textiles and prints featuring pretty patterns and colorful palettes.  

Q: How did you get started making?
A: I started my business shortly after finishing college.  My husband and I were newly married and I was working on designing our first home.  I wanted our home to be a place that we both enjoyed spending time and a place where people felt comfortable when they came over.  Essentially, I wanted our home to feel happy. 

So I started designing items for our home that made our home happy.  The more I designed and created, the more I fell in love with the process of designing and making. Somewhere along the way, my shop was born. 

Now, I create everything with the same vision for my home in mind.  All of the items in my shop are designed to make your home happy.  From the color choices to the pattern designs, I want the items I create to evoke happiness for any home. 

Q: You sell on Great.Ly. Can you tell us how you heard about it?
A: I was actually contacted by before they launched.  They told me about the concept and I was really excited about the opportunity, so I joined the community.

Now, there is a juried process to apply for You can apply by visiting the website.  

Q: How does it work and how can people sell on it?
A: is a place where makers and tastemakers partner together.  Basically, tastemakers (influential bloggers) setup stores on with a curated selection of items created by makers in the community.  When customers visit the Tastemakers’ shops and purchase the items, the maker gets 50% of the sale and the tastemaker gets 50%.*  The maker then packages and ships the items directly to the customer. has done a great job of attracting influential bloggers who often share the items from the shops on their blog. For example: one of my prints was featured on the Decor8 Blog because Holly Becker has it in her shop.  

Essentially, the 50% split with tastemaker is the fee for the exposure a big name can bring to your products.  The tastemaker has an incentive to share your stuff because they’re making money on the purchase of your items.  

Q: Who is it good for (and who is it not)?
A: is good for anyone who wants to get added exposure for their brand and is looking for another platform to sell their items.  It’s also great for anyone who doesn’t mind the 50% split.

Q: Where can people find your stuff?
A: You can visit my shop at: or follow me on Instagram and twitter: @Brittcastellano 

*Please note: has written in to correct these numbers: Just wanted to clarify that the revenue split between Tastemakers and Makers is not 50/50. Makers earn 60%, Tastemakers earn 25% and GREAT.LY earns 15% for matchmaking and facilitating e-commerce. You can read all the details here,