What's Happening Over at Unanimous Craft

One of the Academy's earliest cheerleaders was Rosalie Gale. She's a rad lady from Seattle who is managing multiple businesses. One of those businesses is Unanimous Craft, a site which aims to help the crafty community in all sorts of ways. The site recently changed things up a little for how it's run, so we thought this would be a great time to ask Rosalie what's happening and how makers can best use the site.

Unanimous Craft is a membership-based website geared specifically to people running small, indie craft businesses. Inside Unanimous Craft you will find a database of organized resources to help you run your small business. In addition, there is a craft show calendar filled to the brim with craft shows around the country (and a smaller selection of International shows). The dates that applications open and close is included (if available) which is handy when you are trying to plan out a year of craft shows. 

There are two ways to become a member of Unanimous Craft: 
You can purchase an individual Premium Membership for $30/year (and you get a 30-day trial before your card is charged). This membership gives you full access to everything Unanimous Craft provides. You can create a listing for your own indie shop, search for resources and tools, read and write reviews of craft shows and resources. You can browse our list of brick and mortar shops that sell handmade goods to find good prospects for wholesale and consignment accounts. You can propose a guest post for the Unanimous Craft blog that will be sent out by email to our entire email list. In short: You can do a lot of things.

Some other benefits of being a Premium Member:
#1: You're helping support a tool for the whole indie craft community to use.
#2: Each month you will automatically be entered into a drawing for one month of free advertising.
#3: Premium Members receive discounts on additional advertising on Unanimous Craft. Email me at info@unanimouscraft.com for details.
#4: You get an enhanced user profile that is added to the Members page.
#5: Premium Member user profiles randomly shown (four at a time) each time the front page is accessed.

You can also get access to Unanimous Craft through a shared Premium Membership. This is a login provided to an organization that benefits crafty people. That organization manages the login and shares it with all of their members. This is a read-only membership. You won't be able to add content: no review writing, you can't submit a listing for your shop and you can't propose new blog posts. The advantage is that you get to test out Unanimous Craft before you purchase a membership of your own. 

The Academy of Handmade has a shared Premium Membership page for all of its members to use. Members can find this info on our members only page