Hey Ladies! Galentine's Day Gifts

Get your Leslie Knope on with these gifts from Academy of Handmade members that are perfect for all of your Galentine's! Or just because... you don't need a reason to show some love to your awesome lady friends.

  1. Boo Boo Heart by Janie XY: The perfect gift for your gal pals that might be having a rougher-than-not Valentine's Day. Plus, a donation gets made to the Red Cross with purchase-- that will cheer her up!
  2. Whiskey Pennant by Miriam Dema: Hey, whiskey isn't just for the menfolk! Show your love for your favorite spirit. Miriam also makes a beer one in case your lady friend prefers a lager.
  3. Chocolate Macarons by Soft Peaks Confections: I realize you probably have seen (and maybe also tasted) close to a million macarons in the last year. But these... these are different. All natural, so no weird food coloring AND they are pillowy soft. In fact, if you got me a macaron pillow I would totally be OK with that.
  4. "Her Majesty" print by Mome Rath Garden: Celebrate your ladyhood with this beautiful anatomical painting of the female reproductive system.
  5. "Goddess Moon" print by Sienne Josselin: For the free spirit gal in your life, this print is perfect.
  6. "Zack Morris" print by Unicorn Crafts: If your Galentine is an 80s baby that had a crush on a certain Saved by the Bell character, then this print is for you! It will remind her of the poster she likely had on her wall in 1991. 
  7. Carmellos by Valenza Chocolatier: Alright, I realize the stereotype is that women have this thing for chocolate. But really, everyone has a thing for good chocolate. And this is the BEST! Plus it has caramel. And sea salt. Need I say more? 
  8. Lazy Lavender Bath Fizzy by Remy & Rose: Help the ladies you love relax better with these lavender bath bombs. The scent will help them instantly chill out.  
  9. Tiny Telegrams by Tiny Telegrams: I can't be the only person who loves things more when they are miniature. Plus, who doesn't love snail mail? TINY SNAIL MAIL.