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My Bromance: Gifts for Guys


My Bromance: Gifts for Guys

Academy Of Handmade

Did we mention that it's not just ladies that like to get thoughtful gifts? Yeah, guys appreciate being thought about too. So if if you are looking to get your  favorite dude something for Vday, then look no further than these Academy of Handmade members. 

  1. I Love Our Boring Life card by Jade Court Paper Co.: You're just excited to have him around, even if you're just watching TV and eating takeout all day.
  2. Beer! pennant by Miriam Dema: The exclamation point means he gets excited whenever he finds out they serve Pliny the Elder.
  3. Butts Butts Butts sticker by Ugly Baby: You know why and who should get this one. We don't need to explain.
  4. Drumstick rattle by Janie XY: For the littlest dude in your life. Or big ones. Both work.
  5. Bourbon Bar by Valenza Chocolatier: Perfect to eat while holding a cigar and snifter.
  6. Lemonatta candle by Candlessentials: The Lemonatta is the perfect citrus scent for covering up the smell of dirty socks and other unsavory smells your man might want to eliminate. 
  7. Huggable Golden Gate Bridge: For the guy who left his heart in San Francisco and wants a way to hug the crap out of it!
  8. I Love Falling Asleep/Waking Up Next to You Pillows by Shifting Status Kuo: Let the man in your life know how much you appreciate his company-- even when you're sleeping.
  9. Tardis flask by Whimsy & Ink: WHO will you give this to? You know WHO.