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Business Resources for Makers


Business Resources for Makers

Academy Of Handmade

We have the raddest people sponsoring our awards show. They really care about makers and want to see them celebrated. Plus they provide some really AH-MAZING resources. We're excited to feature three of them today!

p.s. If you are interested in sponsoring our 2016 awards show, please email Sharon at Sponsor packets are heading out soon!

Amy Flurry, Recipe for Press

Why You Started Your Business:
Amy spent 18 years working as a contributor to some of the biggest publications on the newsstands and online, including InStyle, Conde Nast Traveler, Lucky, Country Living, Design Sponge and Daily Candy. She decided to write Recipe For Press, to demystify PR from the point of view of an editor, particularly for small businesses and entrepreneurs who need valuable press but can't afford a publicist. In Recipe for Press, Amy shares valuable insider knowledge with creative entrepreneurs bringing fresh perspective to PR and in-house communications.

What Your Business Does:
Recipe For Press specializes in helping entrepreneurs learn how to pitch their story to press on their own and expect results and how to create relationships with editors so that their brand keeps a constant presence in the press.

How You've Helped Makers:
Amy has given workshops and lectures across the country to motivate creative entrepreneurs to get their story out there, empowering them with the tools and insider knowledge to give them confidence to pitch and get their story out there.

Your Best Piece of Advice:
Photography is everything. Great photos will not only grab editors' attention, but they'll also be ready to use for the Web and in their magazines -- win-win! When in doubt, choose a white background!

Find Amy Here:
Twitter: @recipeforpress
Facebook: Recipe for Press
Pinterest: Recipe for Press

Andreea Ayers, Launch Grow Joy

Why You Started Your Business:
To help other entrepreneurs with products to make a living by sharing the products that they love to create with others.

What Your Business Does:
We help makers get their products in stores, get publicity for their brands and increase their online sales.

How You've Helped Makers:
We've helped hundreds of makers to get media coverage in top magazines and influential blogs.

Your Best Piece of Advice:
Follow up - whether it's with magazine editors, boutique buyers or potential customers, following up is key!

Find Andrea here:
Instagram: launchgrowjoy
Twitter: @andreeaayers
Pinterest: LaunchGrowJoy


Dave Conrey, The Fresh Rag Show

Why You Started Your Business:
I started this business because working in a cube the rest of my life was just not going to satisfy me, and I felt a calling for a higher purpose.

What Your Business Does:
The Fresh Rag helps other creative entrepreneurs do what they do by producing content that talks to their wants and needs, whether that's blog posts, books, or podcast conversations with other professionals.

How You've Helped Makers:
By sharing the wisdom and experience of others on my show, I've tried to enlighten people to the possibilities of living a successful creative life. Success is determined by the individual, but I believe there's knowledge to be gained from each conversation, if we're willing to listen.

Your Best Piece of Advice:
Find the true purpose behind the work you do and use that as your true north point of reference. If something you're working on does not fall within that purpose, maybe it's time to rethink it.

Find Dave here:
Instagram: FreshRag
Twitter: FreshRag
Facebook: FreshRag
Pinterest: FreshRag