2015 AHAS Awards Finalists!

Wow! This year's crop of nominees was incredible, so when our members voted for their picks, I know they had a tough time deciding. The finalists for each of the artist categories (done by medium) and this year's new best supporting business category are pretty incredible. Congratulations to all of the businesses that did such amazing work this year. The handmade community is proud to have you in it!

We will announce the winners of each category on March 7 at Artshare LA in Downtown Los Angeles at our gala awards show. We hope you will celebrate with us! Buy your tickets here.

Best Artists and the Best Business will receive:


Finalist: Lustered Walnut


Finalists: Marley & Alfie, Hi Tree!, iheartfink


Finalists: Kertis, Littlewings Designs

Stones & Living Medium

Finalists: ROTD Creations, Elizabeth Lydon Studio


Finalists: Luke Haynes, Gulush Threads, Zelma Rose

Mixed Media/Other

Finalists: Once Again Sam, P.F. Candle Co., Melanie Abrantes

Our awards show is made possible because we have some very generous sponsors! Please support their businesses.