Building Community: Danielle Spurge is Our 2016 Handmade Community Superstar

As part of our awards show each year, we honor someone who is building up the community (you can read about last year's honoree Miriam Dema here, but we were such newbs in 2014 that we didn't even have an official page for the honoree Lisa Cherry). This award is really special to us, because we think that being part of a community means giving back to it.

photo credit: Amy Sandoval Photography

photo credit: Amy Sandoval Photography

The way we select this award recipient is by asking our members when they vote for the other awards who they think is deserving of this honor, with space to fill out why they think so. I was so moved by all of the submissions. But the person who not only received the most submissions, but also the lengthiest, was #ahasmember Danielle Spurge of The Merriweather Council

One in particular stands out from finalist Annika of Married & Bright. She wrote:

I don't think a single person has impacted my world as much as Danielle has over the past year. Her courses, e-books, periscopes, blog posts, and instagrams have continuously sought to unite the handmade community in pursuing true success in business. She has demonstrated over the past year not only that it is possible to make money at your craft, but that handmade products are worth believing in. Her generosity of spirit, no nonsense approach, and sense of humor make learning from her a joy. She has been so kind, encouraging, and supportive.

I could not agree more. Danielle has successfully worked as a maker for several years, but has more recently turned her attention to help other makers make sense of Etsy and create an ecommerce presence that helps their business prosper. She's even written a couple posts for us here and here.  Along with her helpful blog and services, and encouraging social media, Danielle co-hosts a weekly podcast called She Percolates, which discusses the different definitions of success with female business owners. 

That's why Danielle is the recipient of the Handmade Community Superstar award, presented by Aftcra, a handmade in the USA online marketplace. Along with this special distinction, she will also receive a $100 gift certificate from our friends at Paper Mart, where she can go crazy buying shipping, packaging and craft supplies. 

I'd encourage you to connect with Danielle here:

And I hope I will see you at the 3rd Annual AHAS Awards Show presented by The UPS Store in Los Angeles to celebrate her and all of the other outstanding makers!