Balancing the Creative Side with Business

Owning your own creative business takes a special person. You're not just pursuing creative passions, but you have to know business strategies that might not always be top of the right-brained mind. You can also find yourself concerned about business and that it can suck time and energy away from what makes your business special-- your creativity. We surveyed a few of our members how they balance this. Here are their responses!

Sabrina Hill: The Sabrina

Name: Sabrina Hill

Shop: The Sabrina

Where I live: Los Angeles, California

How I find balance:

Balance can be a tricky thing when working in the creative industry.
For me, it has taken some time to learn my habits and talents. I now notice when I’m most creative, and schedule time for creativity then.

I always like to do the tasks I don’t enjoy as much first, so when I get to the fun creative tasks it feels like a reward. 

Also, another major important rule that I have is to take breaks. When I get stuck in the black hole of my computer it can actually be less productive than when I take a break and come back to what I was doing.

Katie Nolan: Tick Tock Press

Name: Katie Nolan

Shop: Tick Tock Press

Where I live: Fort Wayne, Indiana

How I find balance:

Right now, the business part of Tick Tock takes up the bulk of my time. I plan four product releases a year, so I’m normally only designing the month before each release. When I think of a card idea when I’m not in creation mode, I make a note in Evernote so that I don’t forget it when it comes time to design a new collection. Designing all of the cards for a product release at the same time has helped keep my line  more cohesive. So this seems to be working! haha

Jenice Anderson: J and J Workshop

Name: Jenice Anderson

Shop: J and J Workshop

How I find balance:

Early in my business I made time for non-work creative time. It helps keep me from burning out and exploring different crafts has introduced me to new techniques I can incorporate into my jewelry.

Now I know I'll always make non-work creative time a priority. I actually blocked a couple hours off one day each week for what I called Craft Day. Things like Craftcation, Skillshare, Creativebug and The Crafter's Box have helped me explore so many things I never would have had access to in the tiny town I lived in.

Leah Shapi: Le Artista

Name: Leah Shapi

Shop: Le Artista

How I find Balance: 

I tend to do the more task oriented business things in the morning and the more creativity painting in the late afternoon, evening and weekends.  This pretty much my schedule whether I'm working the day stuff or my art business.

I also have certain days that I do a lot of art...often on Tuesday or Saturday. But I've been know to stay up late painting or way up early inspired and with paint brush in hand.

I find a lot of it breaks down like marketing day job...and spare time for creativity and exercise. Now that I'm transitioning to less tech work for others and more for my own business that is still the  same combo. It's dividing the day and week between tech and creativity...both functions of a company and allowing for innovation, experimentation and inspiration.