Brick & Mortar AMA with Rosalie Gale and Kiley Handy

What's it like your running your own brick & mortar shop? We talk with two shop owners about it! Next week I'm excited to sit down with two incredible #ahasmembers about what it's like to own and manage a physical retail space. We're letting you get to know them a little more today. I hope you'll join as we talk to them more about their businesses and answer your questions.

Rosalie Gale of Ugly Baby and La Ru and Monster: Art, Clothing & Gifts 

Both shops can be found at Ugly Baby and La RuMonster: Art, Clothing & Gifts, and on Instagram @uglybabyandlaru and @monsterartclothing

Q: When did you start your brick and mortar shop?
Ugly Baby and La Ru began in 2012 and Monster I bought it in February, but it has been around for 8 years.  

Q: Where are your brick and mortar shops located?
Both are located in Seattle, Washington.  

Q: What types of products do you carry in your brick and mortar shops?
At Ugly Baby and La Ru I share the shop with another artist and we sell our own work - along with D.I.Y. kits made by other independent artists. 

At Monster, I sell my own Ugly Baby line -- along with the work of about 50 other independent artists. We focus on makers from the pacific northwest for the most part and carry original art work, clothing, gift, items and socks, socks, socks. 

Q:Who does the buying for your brick and mortar shops?
For Ugly Baby and La Ru, The other artist and I collaborate on the kits we purchase wholesale. For Monster, the store manager and I work together to do all the buying.  

Q: Why/how did you start your brick and mortar shops?
Ugly Baby and La Ru: We were really just looking for a new studio space to share when we stumbled upon a two-story spot in the historic Pike Place Market. We figured we would open a fake store that was open limited hours and use the space for our studios. People wanted to shop there though -- so now we're open 7 days a week and have three employees. Who knew!?

Monster: This shop has been passed on from the original owner - to another local artist -- and now to me. The current owner was deciding whether to close up shop or pass it along at the end of 2016 because she had some new projects she wanted to focus on. We did the fastest transition ever -- where she closed up shop on 1/31/17 and I opened the next day 2/1/17 as the new owner. 


Kiley Handy of Period Six Studio

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You can find Period Six Studio at Period Six and on Instagram @period6studio

Q: When did you start your brick and mortar shop?
 Period Six Studios opened it's doors in September 2015.

Q: Where is your business located?
Period Six Studios is located in Golden, Colorado.

Q: What types of products do you carry in your brick and mortar shop?
I carry cards, art, jewelry, home decor and punctuated ephemera

Q:Who does the buying for your brick and mortar shop?
I do :) 

Q: Why/how did you start your brick and mortar shop?
I’ve always preferred to work for and support small businesses, this includes working for a successful national American craft line and smaller galleries and boutiques. I enjoyed those experiences, but found myself wanting to be able to call the shots, pick the artists, make the connection with customers that felt more authentic.

I’m lucky enough to have a business partner who had faith that I would be good at those things and is my favorite shopping and crafting partner to boot! While we’d always said things like “if we had a store” or “I wish there was some place with ‘xyz’ on this side of town,” we didn’t always consider opening a store a real option. I began comparing every opportunity to this hypothetical and Period Six won out.

It became a reality by choosing to do something that scared me in order to feel more fulfilled and throwing open doors that were only a slightly ajar.

Thanks Rosalie and Kiley! Can't wait to chat more soon!