Meet Chatti Brown of Remy & Rose, Our New Online Chapter Co-Leader

A couple weeks ago we introduced you to Nessa of Lala's Party, who came aboard to help us with our online community. I am very excited to introduce you to another #ahasmember, Chatti of Remy & Rose, who will also be leading our online community along with Nessa. Chatti is incredibly thoughtful and cares very much about her fellow creatives. We are excited to have her on board!

Q: Tell us about yourself and what you make!
A: Hi, my name is Chatti Brown and I am the owner of Remy & Rose, a bath and body company based in Denver, Colorado.

Remy & Rose opened an online shop in November of 2014 focusing mainly on handcrafted soaps. We have since expanded our product line to include body scrubs and various salve.  

I’ve always been creative with my hands and my company is an extension of that creative need.  While I am actually pretty good at office tasks and can be comfortable in a 9-5 career, I find that I thrive when I’m sitting behind the wheel and making my own choices.

Q: Tell us about ways you've already been working with makers!
A: Denver has a vibrant makers’ community in which I have found some great business owners who have become friends. A couple of times a month, I’ll have coffee with one of them and we’ll talk about what is happening for our businesses and how to better improve. It is more of a casual business planning session.

It feels so good to be around people dealing with similar struggles and growing pains. I was a wedding photographer before slowly switching to Remy & Rose so I was fortunate to already be in a community of creatives and that community has actually followed me in my journey with Remy & Rose. We continue to build each other up and also give critical feedback when needed.

I also have a private practice in which I am an art therapist. I counsel entrepreneurs struggling with depression, social anxiety, poor self-esteem, negative thought related to money, etc.  Owning a business myself, I can empathize with the psychological issues my clients are working on. We so often forget to take care of ourselves because we are focused on our business.

I am pretty active online on Instagram and most recently, Periscope. There, I don’t just connect with other beauty brands but people who have similar interest to me. Right now I am really into fibre so a lot of the people I follow and who follow me back are knitters or fibre folks.

Q: Why are you excited to create community online for Academy of Handmade? 
A: I think everyone needs a place in which healthy relationships can be built. I would like a space in which everyone is the teacher while also being the student. We have so much to learn from one another and I am excited to learn from all of you.

Q: What do you love about the handmade community online?
A: I love that we can come together, near or far, to build a strong community that is ready to listen and give encouragement. We are not limited by distance when making that powerful connection.

Q: Where can people find you online?
My website:
Periscope: @remyandrose