Dear Caitlin: Content Reuse and Follower Ratio

It's our third installment of the Dear Caitlin column. Caitlin Bacher is our San Francisco co-leader social media genius over at Little Farm Media (make sure you follow her for social media tips!). She answers reader questions each month, so if you've got questions for future Dear Caitlin columns, please leave them in the comments below.

Let's get started right away. Today's questions are about whether or not it is okay to share the same content on multiple platforms and how many people you should be following. Enjoy!

Dear Caitlin,

I've been wondering if it's really that bad to duplicate content across multiple social media platforms? It's so much easier for me to focus on one and then transfer the content to the others.

-Sarah Blue, of Bluebirrrd Dreams. Bluebirrrd Dreams offers hand selected jewelry gifts for special occassions and everyday wear. Follow Bluebirrrd Dreams on Instagram for handmade and vintage jewelry.

Dear Sarah,

There is absolutely nothing wrong with repurposing your content. You will find that your Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter audiences are all very different. Plus, there is a very small chance that a person who follows you on Twitter and Instagram will see your post on both platforms. I recommend using IFTTT to auto-schedule your Instagram posts directly to Twitter. You can also adjust the settings in your Instagram account so that you are able to share your Instagram pictures directly to your Business Facebook page. 

Of course, sharing content alone will not grow a relevant following quickly. Each social media platform requires a different strategy to build your following. I teach creative biz owners a variety of techniques to gain 10, 20, or 30+ followers a day on Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. If you are increasing a relevant following filled with your ideal customers, then this will lead to increase sales.



Dear Caitlin,

I always wonder about the number of people I am following vs. the number of followers I have (mainly on Instagram). Do you think this ratio matters? I don't want to look like a "no follow snob" but I don't want to follow the entire world either. Thanks friend!

-Mitzi Christensen Torgensen, of Happy Confetti. Happy Confetti provides party design to help you create life's confetti moments. Follow Happy Confetti on Instagram for adorable party accessories.

Dear Mitzi,

Don't feel like you have to follow people to be nice. If someone unfollows you just because you aren't following them, they aren't your ideal customer and were never going to buy anything from you anyway. However, you should feel free to follow however many people you want to. I will say that your Following number should be less than your Follower number. If you are following way more people than are following you, then you may give out desperate vibes. 

If you want to find out who isn't following you back, you can use JustUnfollow. If you are following a large number of people who aren't following you back, you may want to make sure you really enjoy their content before you decide to keep following them. This will help lower how many people you are following.

P.S. I just followed you! 



If you would like to be featured in my next edition of Dear Caitlin, please leave your question and Instagram handle in the comments below. 

Caitlin Bacher is the boss lady at Little Farm Media, offering social media consulting services to makers and creative businesses. Her new eBook, "How I Gained 1,000 Pinterest Followers In One Month," will change everything you know about Pinterest. Download your FREE copy today.