Wholesale for Makers: A Roundup!

Wholesale! What's involved? Are you ready? What are some of the unique challenges for makers embarking on the wholesale journey? Check out our roundup of helpful wholesale information for makers.

If you have experience with wholesale, we'd love to know your tips and challenges in the comments below.


First off, figure out if you're really ready for wholesale with these five considerations from  Mei Pak.

Lela Barker of Lucky Break Consulting, and an #ahasmember, also has some key questions for makers to ask before wholesaling and at the very beginning of your wholesale journey.

Next, review #ahasmember Stacy Wong's important Do's and Don'ts of Wholesaling.

The Basics

There are two series from CreativeLive that are really comprehensive in covering the ins and outs of wholesale.

The first is Sell Your Products to Retailers with Megan Aumen. I think this is such a great class even for people who aren't going to wholesale. She covers pricing well and thinking about your product for a consumer. Highly recommend.

The other is Wholesaling for Makers by #ahasmember Katie Hunt of Tradeshow Bootcamp. Katie covers everything from catalogs to sales reps to You can buy the classes individually or as a bundle


Check out #ahasmember Stacia Guzzo (of Handcrafted Honeybee) as she recounts her first-timer's experience at Etsy Open Call . Stacia also shared an insightful, expanded take on the same experience over here on Lucky Break!

Even a seasoned maker has the question: what are buyers looking for? Here's a maker-focused, buyer's answer to that question, provided by #ahasmember Charlie Wright of Minor Thread.

Finally, WholesaleinaBox has 8 Tips for Makers Growing Wholesale.

If you're an #ahasmember or live in one of our chapter areas, I highly recommend attending one of our Product & Design Roundtables if you want feedback on your products in regard to wholesale. We often have a retailer join us who also gives great advice!

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