Holiday Sales Mistake #6: Not Taking Care of Yourself

Today's last post in our series of Holiday Sales Mistakes you might be making. It's also part of 6 Days of Handmade Business Holiday Giveaway. So today is the last day for a chance to win a Maker Business Tool Bundle (scroll to the bottom to enter!). Hey, your business deserves a gift too! ;)

You might feel like this step is one that isn't that big of a deal. But you've only got one you and your business kinda depends on your ability to function at a pretty high capacity. If don't care of yourself during the holidays, you can:

  • Become grumpy with customers
  • Space out on important tasks because you're so stressed and/or tired
  • Injure yourself more easily
  • Get ill (which means you can become totally useless)!


This one is easy to forget (guilty!), but getting "in the zone" for intense work is a lot like a marathon. And depending on your process can be quite labor intensive as well. So, drink water like you're running a race. You'll feel better and it will help prevent your body from wearing down faster.

Treat Yo Self

It always feels like the end is when you should get your reward. But I think you always gain a little perspective when you take time to reward yourself in increments. You can even use it as the carrot to dangle in front of you for motivation. 

If you finish this sewing pile a manicure is yours! or Pack up these orders and you get a night out with friends or your significant other!

Just make sure you are using it as a reward (which is why pre-planning your rewards is best) and not as a way to procrastinate. And probably gorging on terrible food will do the opposite of taking care of your body, so try to think about treats that won't come back to haunt you. 

Create a Relaxing Environment

The environment you working in is huge for your stress level. This can be as simple as:

  • making your workspace more ergonomic
  • lighting a candle or incense
  • sipping a hot beverage during breaks
  • having better lighting
  • a clean workspace

You may also want to consider getting #ahasmember Danielle of The Merriweather Council's free Maker's Meditation.

Actually Enjoy the Holidays

Want to know the quickest way to burn out on your work and never want to do another holiday season again? Work yourself silly through the holidays. You'll come to resent it real fast. So, say yes to parties when you can and try to push work out of your mind and be present when you're at family gatherings.

I'd love to know how you take care of yourself during the holidays! Let us know in the comments below. 


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