We Were on a Podcast

In case you haven't heard yet, last week I (co-founder Sharon) talked with our friend and #ahasmember Dave Conrey of Fresh Rag. Dave and I have had lots of talks over the past couple months about how much bad information is out there about Instagram for makers. So we talked about how to find actual customers on Instagram... without buying them or getting a bunch of spammy followers.

I highly encourage you to list to the show if this is something you've struggled with. There's no magic or secrets, but there is a method and strategy... and time and energy to making it happen.

We also talked with Dave when his show first started about two years ago... if you want to hear us when we were newbies and oh-so green, you can find that episode here. Both our businesses have changed a lot since then so it is both embarrassing and fun to see how far we've come.

If you find yourself needing some more help with Instagram, we offer a few things in our shop.  Our SF Chapter Leader Caitlin also runs Little Farm Media and she offers a full array of social media help as well.