This time of year can look very different for makers than "normals"... but even within the maker community how makers handle the holidays varies widely (especially Thanksgiving because it's not a holiday everywhere ;) but can affect sales in other places). So we asked a few #ahasmembers what they are going to be up to.

How about you... what are you doing for Thanksgiving weekend (or as it's known outside the US, the last weekend of November ;))? Let us know in the comments below! Us? We're at these West Elm Small Business Saturday pop ups!

Nessa Jay |

Taking the weekend off. Spending Thursday with the family then the weekend of getting all the decorations up and playing video games until I fall asleep. You know, grown up things. :P

Elle Green |

Getting a jump on Spring Summer 16 ideas and I solemnly swear to get out a mailchimp campaign for Monday.

Tashah Johnson |

I was thinking of taking the holiday off but my creative energy has been flowing so well lately I want to keep the momentum. I'll probably take Thursday evening off since I'll most likely be in a food coma :) 

Jenice Anderson |

I am taking the holiday off, won't be back in my shop until Monday. My brother and I invite close friends up to the boonies who love to eat whatever recipes we find in our favorite food magazines. We skip the family drama and Black Friday and take our guests on hikes, to the local craft fair, and to our tiny town's Cornish Christmas complete with chestnuts roasting on an open fire. 

Melisa Baker |

making making cooking eating making some more


We are also encouraging everyone to share how shopping handmade isn't just for a day. It's a totally normal thing and needs to happen every day! Please feel free to share the graphic below.