Newsletters Makers Get Excited to See in their Inbox

Newsletters are more than just another email. They keep us in the loop on our industry, give us business tips and also help us know about new offers from our suppliers. Our members are quite knowledgeable and have honed newsletter inbox collections-- so we thought we'd ask them which newsletters they get excited to see. Here are their recommendations and few of ours too!



Author: Colette

About: (From their website) Every month, Seamwork releases 2 beautiful new patterns that are quick to make and easy to wear together. Every issue is also chock-full of sewing inspiration, interesting techniques, and fabric resources.

What members think: 
"I lovvvvve Colette's newsletter and new magazine Seamwork. They touch on every sewing topic under the sun (helpful tips and tricks, fun wardrobe organization things, fabric knowledge, sewing machine reviews,etc) and now offer new patterns for you to make with every issue of the digital magazine. I always looks forward to nerding out on their blog/newsletter/magazine! :)" -Courtney Cranch of Femme Enfant


Explore your Enthusiasm

Author: Tara Swiger

About: (from their website) We find your best business by following your enthusiasm and experimenting with what works for you and your people and the world you’re creating. I help you explore that world with the free mini-course, the #BizConfidenceChallenge, and my podcast, Explore Your Enthusiasm. 

What members think:
"My personal favorite newsletter right now is from Tara Swiger. Every week her newsletter is a nice reminder for me to focus my energy on what I really want out of my business. I feel like it's written specifically for me as every week she seems to write exactly what I need to hear to get me motivated and working towards realistic and clear goals. There are also always plenty of worksheets and podcast episodes to go along with it and she's never preachy judgmental." - Nessa Jay of LaLa's Party


The Middle Finger Project

Author: Ash Ambirge

About: (from their website) Get inspired to reinvent yourself & your career with Ash Ambirge's award-winning, laugh-out-loud, girl-meets-business-meets-balls weekly advice column express mailed straight into your inbox.

What members think: 
"The Middle Finger Project is a must read!!!  Ash is a hilariously bad ass girlboss.  I religiously open every email and mark the super relevant editions as "unread" so I open & read them again (and I'm very particular about keeping my inbox tidy;) ". Carli Vergamini of Crave by Carli Rae Vergamini


His Glassworks

Author: Bob

About: (from their website) Earning his MFA in Glass, Bob opened his first glass studio in 1979 and is now operating his studio in Asheville, North Carolina. To this day he finds it is an exciting challenge to combine the varying factors of hot glass, light, color, form, and transparency into each finished piece.

What members think:
"His Glassworks is very informative and up to date with new tools and their uses in cold-working glass." Amy Davis of Monster Dance Designs


Worthmore Jewelers

About: Worthmore Jewelers began in 1994 in the heart of Midtown Atlanta. The store started with a mission to combine strikingly beautiful jewelry with an adventurous, unique atmosphere. The Worthmore approach has always been to embrace the strange and build a passionate team through open-mindedness and honest communication. 

What members think: 
"One of my favorite local jewelry shops (they do repairs mostly/sell diamond jewelry) called Worthmore Jewelers.  They include things happening in the lives of their tight knit staff ( adoption...) and little tidbits about new  jewelry coming in/some cool projects their doing.  It isn't too serious so I don't feel like I should be taking notes or anything and I get to know the staff." Rebecca Holt of Rebecca Holt Jewelry


Ikonics Imaging

About: (from their website) As the world’s leading supplier of decorative sandblasting equipment and sandcarving supplies, IKONICS Imaging has the strongest pool of sandcarving experts available to help start your business and hone your skillset. From hands-on training seminars to online resources, IKONICS Imaging is dedicated to your success as a sandcarving professional.

What members think:
"Ikonics offers a coupon every Friday like clockwork which reminds me to get my orders in." Amy Davis of Monster Dance Designs


While She Naps

Author: Abby Glassenberg

About: (from their website) The home sewing industry and creative entrepreneurship with a focus on craft publishing, fabric manufacturing, feminism, and social justice. I’m a sewing pattern designer, craft book author, writer and teacher.

What members think:
"One of my favorites is from Abby Glassenberg at While She Naps. I love the balance of information and advertising. She fills it with clickable links, some appealing to the hobby crafter community and others to professional makers. I find something of interest every week." Staci Wendland of Crafty Staci


For the Gangsta Boss (Lot 801 Marketing)

Author: Lindsay

About: (from their website) I worked my ass off, so you don't have to. I broke the code by figuring out how to do PR on my own. I made personal connections with celebrities, editors, online media outlets and T.V shows. I'm here to show you how you can replicate my strategy.

What members think:
"It's refreshingly honest and no nonsense. Always has helpful tips." Nessa Jay of LaLa's Party


More Newsletter we think you'll love:


Weekly Insights, Tools, and Kick-Ass Confidence

Author: Cyndie Spiegel

About: (from their website) Gain clarity around your own business vibe, perfect your business pitch, identify your fears, stop feeling like a fraud and find success... even when you're scared! 



Author: Arianna Foulks

About: (from their newsletter) I've been helping product-based businesses shine for over ten years. My design studio, Aeolidia, is well known for helping creative businesses set up shop online, and I hope to be able to help you, either now or in the future.


Lucky Break Consulting

Author: Lela Barker

About: (from their website) I'm a business strategist for makers and product designers. I foster emerging creative brands by infusing your passion with wisdom and strategic tools to evolve that passion into a sustainable business. I collaborate with moguls-in-the-making on wholesale strategy, product pricing, brand development and more. The result? You enjoy more traction, make more money, sleep better at night, and put more beauty into the world while building a business that makes you doing-cartwheels-excited. 


Melyssa Griffin (formerly the Nectar Collective)

Author: Melyssa Griffin

About: (from their website) Want to learn how to grow your audience, monetize your passion, and stand out online? Good. Because that’s exactly what I help people with around here. Launched in 2013 as a community for creative entrepreneurs, bloggers, and small biz rockstars, this blog is a quickly growing collective of go-getters from all around the world. We breed a positive, fun mentality, because we believe that business doesn’t have to be boring. 


Hello, I'm Handmade

Author: Jules

About: (from their website) I’m Jules, and I help creatives like you build the businesses, and the lives, they really want. I do this through my feature services, my ebook and my blog where I provide helpful tools to promote your handmade shop, your brand, and your social media, in a way that provides real results for your business.