25 Things Makers Can Do on Periscope

Note: (12/12/16) When we first wrote this article, Periscope was the biggest player in live video. Since then, a myriad of new live video services have come onto the scene and eclipsed Periscope, the biggest being Facebook Live. We've left this article up as the strategies and principles discussed for using Periscope for business work the same for Facebook Live and live video/livestreaming services in general. 


Periscope is so much fun! Quickly (if you aren't familiar with it), it's a livestreaming app that's on your phone.

The basics are:

  • It's a product by Twitter so it connects nicely to that account and will notify your followers there, too, when you're online.
  • The videos can be set to download for you to use later AND if people don't catch you live they have 24 hours to watch you on Periscope.
  • If you made a whoopsie you can delete the video right after so no worries if you made a mistake.
  • There are different levels of privacy for who can join in-- so if you're feeling shy at first you can work your way to being more public.

If you want to know more... there are a MILLION (okay, that might a tad exaggerative) articles out there on what it is and how you can join. Seriously, Google it. 

I've been on it for a bit now and as I was brainstorming what scopes would be good for me I thought this could easily be turned into a worksheet to help YOU! 

Below are 25 ideas for things you could Periscope (these came pretty quickly so I am sure there are tons more ideas!). Plus, if you sign up for our newsletter below, I will give you a worksheet to brainstorm content that is in sync with you brand. Uh, so you better do that!

If you are not following us we are @academyofhandmade. Other Periscopers I love are:

  • @freshrag [#ahasmember]: Dave has a variety of talks, one of my favorites is his #baconchat. Dude eats a lot of bacon and likes to give you advice about branding while doing it.
  • @littlefarmmedia [#ahasmember]: Caitlin's done some great motivational talks, given tips and even did a VERY enlightening review of a couple IG accounts (it was fun seeing how her social media brain works!). Caitlin also just wrote a very informative blog post on Periscope AND if you subscribe to her newsletter, she gives you access to helpful tips on what to say in a Periscope broadcast (this is VERY helpful for newbies).
  • @cyndiespiegel: Business motivation for female entrepreneurs that's a nice balance of "You can do it!" and "You BETTER do it!" Cyndie is great!
  • @taraswiger: This lady is always just as real as it comes. She will give advice, show you where she's vacationing or will give you some behind-the-scenes scopes of her podcast. 
  • @meandering_mari: Mari is a very talented artist and will scope her works in progress
  • @merriweathercn [#ahasmember]: Danielle updates her peeps on the business challenges she gives them and also talks tips

Do you Periscope? What fun things have you done that have worked? What things do you want to see us Periscope? Let us know in the comments!

25 (Pretty Easy) Things You Can Do on Periscope:

  1. Working on a work in progress (you sewing, sketching, cutting, gluing, etc.)

  2. Make something before their eyes (ostensibly to demonstrate that it takes a bit of work and know how)

  3. Teach a technique

  4. Tour of your studio space (I know you probably feel like it’s a mess but people LOVE this stuff)

  5. Answer live questions or some of the most common questions about your product or your craft

  6. Preview new product, almost like a live catalog

  7. Talk about your latest blog post (this sounds boring but lots of people do it and it winds up being fairly engaging)

  8. Celebrate milestones (this could be something as trivial as making it to the weekend) with a dance party

  9. Do a “mock” QVC encouraging people to buy your product during a flash sale that occurs live on Periscope (you might want to get an assistant who can field questions that are coming in online, keep track of time and let you know if you sell out)

  10. Preview your next product (so it's more like a sneak peek than a line look like #6)

  11. Crowdsource the choice of color or some other feature of your next product

  12. If your product takes some explaining or there are different ways to use it, consider doing different demonstrations for how to use it

  13. Quiz your followers. See if they’ve been paying attention to what you’ve been up to that week or certain things about your product line. Give small prizes for correct answers (if you want)

  14. The set-up or tear-down of a craft show (obviously a helper would be nice for this otherwise you’ll go EXTRA slow… and broadcasting the whole time might not be fun)

  15. Interview your customers at a craft show. Ask them where they are from, what product they got, where else they have shopped that day, etc.

  16. “Tool Time”-- Demonstrate a particular tool, talk about the brand, say why and how you use it, etc.

  17. Launch a new product by hosting a live press conference-type event

  18. Share the history of your company

  19. Offer exclusive deals for viewers

  20. Show the evolution of your product line or product

  21. Tour a stockist’s shop and show your product on display there

  22. “What I’m working on now”-- Show what you’re doing right now and why it’s important for your business

  23. Show how you set up the photography for your Instagram and website

  24. Show the flops and fails that never make it to other social media

  25. Talk about something you recently learned

p.s. Hey! I know it can be overwhelming to think about ANOTHER social media. And by all means if you are overwhelmed, don't feel like you HAVE to join Periscope. That said, I feel like Periscope is very fun and low key. It has a fleeting nature and does not have a very polished feeling the way, say, Instagram can be.

I really encourage you to just decide to live stream something you are doing one day and see how it goes. More for you than anything. If people are on... great! If no one is, meh, who cares. You are just trying it out. That's the great thing about getting on a social media platform early-- NO ONE really knows what they are doing. Promise!

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