Planner Addicts, Unite!

Every year, one of my favorite things was always going and picking out a planner. I had a really specific week-at-a-glance one that I enjoyed using (though, that beast was heaving and took up a lot of purse space). I've now gotten into a system that uses my phone calendar, Trello, lined sticky pads and a legal notepad. It's not as sexy, but it gets the job done (I will say after reading this post I am very interested in a Sugar Paper planner I saw!).

We thought we'd ask our members for recs on planners since it's that time of year. If you are devoted to particular planner (we know some of you very much are!), let us know about it in the comments. It might just help someone on the hunt for their perfect planner!

Melissa Wert: Print Therapy

Name: Melissa Wert
Shop: Print Therapy. We make heartfelt stationery that lets you get to the heart of the matter, without losing the heart of the matter.
Where I live: Longmeadow, MA

Planner I use: Simplified Planner, Daily Edition by Emily Ley

Why I like it: As a business owner and a new-ish mom and a full time employee, it very often feels like I need to schedule my days down to the minute. I love the Simplified Planner because it not only shows me a monthly layout, where I can see at a glance what’s coming up when, but it also breaks down each day with hour slots from 6am - 9pm. There’s also a section for a to do list, notes, and dinner planning, which really helps us avoid the “I don’t know, what do you feel like making” conversation every night. Each part of my life gets a certain color Le Pen and I fill out my day in its entirety, doing my best to blend work, my business, and our home life together and trying to make room for all of it! The size is great and it’s nice and durable. I toss it in my bag and it comes everywhere with me. There’s also a great little pocket in the front that I use to hold an idea notebook - I jot things down as I go so that I don't have to try to remember them later because, let’s be honest, I never will. This planner is pretty much my life in paper form. Plus, it has some really great quotes on each page that give me a little boost of motivation when those days are filled to the max!

How it helps my business: Real talk: If I don't write something down, I forget it. And if I don’t plan things long term, I’ll never get it done. This planner helps with both of those things immensely (and also, who doesn’t love crossing things off of their to do list?!). But almost as importantly, it helps me to not overload my task list every day. Instead of mentally telling myself “Oh, I can get to these 3948 things today”, by writing my day out, hour by hour, I can be much more realistic about what I can achieve. One of my favorite parts, however, is that it allows ample space for each day, and also for weekend days. As an entrepreneur, often our days start early and end late. We don’t start at 9 and end at 5, and our work often overflows into the weekend. I love having the space to plan for those time frames here. What I love most about this planner, however, is that it allows me to plan all areas of my life in one place. By feeling like I have that under control, it makes me feel like a better mom and wife, a better employee, and a better business owner. It’s hard to put a price tag on that boost in confidence. 

Where people can buy it: These sell out quickly! You can find them directly here:, but if the cover or version you want is sold out, search through the #WeHaveEL hashtag on Instagram. Retailers use that to alert people if they have planners in stock! 

Jean Chung: Candy & Bagel

Name: Jean Chung
Shop: Candy & Bagel; I design handknit garments and accessories and sell the design patterns either to publishers or as self-published patterns in PDF files.
Where I Live: Irvine, CA

Planner I use: Lilly Pulitzer planner 2015 through 2016 (almost 2 years!!)

Why I like it: This is the first planner that I've used with 2 years worth of calendaring inside. The cover is super cute and sturdy, it's spiral but the pages move very smoothly without squeaky noises. And has a elastic band that secures the planner when closed. Oh, and it has stickers inside!

How it helps my business: I love how I can plan things far ahead because the planner goes from Aug 2015 through Dec 2016. Also the planner has one section with just the Monthly pages and then the Weekly section also has the Monthly pages before each month begins. So, I use the first section of Monthly pages for planning blog posts, promotions, and setting deadlines for my designs, and then use the other Monthly pages that come with Weekly section to plan out personal things and birthdays. And there are also pages that help you plan your "next adventure" - I use this section to plan my upcoming trade shows or other promotions.

Where people can buy it: I got mine at the Paper Source store but it's also available on the Lilly Pulitzer website as well.

Sierra Bailey: Manic Trout

Name: Sierra Bailey
Shop: Manic Trout. Playful, but always timeless statement jewelry.
Where You Live: Austin, TX

Planner I use: Printable pages from ScatteredSquirrel

Why I like it: I am able to choose from a variety of page options, print out what I want, skip what I do not need and assemble it how I like to use it. Customizable options are also available.

How it helps my business: I am able to use a system that works with my schedule, my needs and my work habits and can adjust week by week if something is not working well for me.

Where people can buy it

Jenice Andreson: J&D Workshop

Name: Jenice Anderson
Shop: J&D Workshop. I make handmade silver jewelry.
Where I Live: Grass Valley, CA

Planner I use: I bought the Flow Magazine Diary/Planner in September. I've already started putting info for next year in it.
Why you like it: I admit I bought this because it was so beautiful. If you are familiar with Flow Magazine you know how fun their magazine is and how they stuff each issue with little pretty things. The planner is no exception. It had a little notebook in it, each week has space for notes on the opposite side, there is a stack of sticky notes in the back, a ribbon bookmark, an elastic closure, and all kinds of fun pages to fill out like pages to list successes for the year, beautiful moments, or nice compliments, in addition to a fold out timeline to fill in.

How it helps my business: I only just started using a paper planner this year as I got busier with my shop. This one is perfectly purse sized, for those of us that carry medium-large purses, and light enough that I can carry it around with my other notebook. Because it's so beautiful I know I'll use it and keep it with me. And it's something I wouldn't mind keeping around to look back on.

Where people can buy it: (their shipping is amazingly fast) or if you happen to be planning a trip to Amsterdam I got mine at Sissy-Boy.

Kristel Wang: Creations by Kristel

Name: Kristel Wang
Shop: Creations by Kristel. I create handmade jewelry and accessories
Where I live: Fairfield, CA

Planner I use: I use an app called SaiSuke

Why I like it: I like it because it's convenient and it's on my iphone.

How it helps my business: It works well to to keep track of my daily tasks.

Where people can buy it:♡ Download from the App Store!


One last one... #ahasmember Nancy Gaines of Domesticraft has a handmade planner that she'll be launching in early 2016. It's a memory planner. There will have ready made, custom and kit versions available. It's a purse size 3" x 5" (index card size) so refills are easy and it just feels scrumptious to hold! There will be a basic starter memory planner and memory planner helpfuls, which are add-ons you can purchase in various formats, such as ready made, custom made, kits or digital designs. You'll be able to mix or match, add a little or a lot!

So tell us, what is your favorite planner? Leave your comments below!


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