Meet your new Portland Chapter Leader: Ullika of UP Design Studio

Last month we launched our Portland Chapter! We are so excited to have two amazing women at the helm and I'd love for you to meet one of them-- Ullika or Ulli as we sometimes call her. :) If you are interested in starting a chapter near you, let us know! You can get the details here.

Q: Introduce yourself. What do you make and how did you get started?
Hey my Name is Ullika and I am the owner and founder of UP Design Studio a multidisciplinary art and design studio located in Portland, Oregon and UP Design Lounge which offers styling, visual merchandising and retail design services to small businesses and makers. I also make Jewelry that I sell in my studio and some stores around town.

Q: Tell us about ways you've been working with makers already?
I offer design services and have been working with boutiques and makers around town, designing and styling retail spaces, shop windows, pop up shop etc...

I also have lead workshops in retail design, teaching small businesses teams in all aspects of visual merchandising and store design, lighting, curb appeal etc...

And since last year I bring together 30 different artists for popup shops here in my studio. We organize, designed and run the shop, the artist just drop off there beautiful creations and we decorate and style the space around it. It's been a great success and it's my way to support local artist and makers.

Q: Why are you excited to be part of the Academy of Handmade chapter in Portland?
I have been an artist and an active member of the creative community here in town and it just seems a perfect to broaden my horizon by doing my part and become a chapter lead for the Academy of handmade.

I guess I am a bit old fashion but I like to see people in person and I like to support people in person, starting a chapter here in town just made so much sense to me. Also Weina my co chair and I had just met in the end of last year and when this opportunity came up we sort of looked at each other and said "of cause" that's what we want to do ;)

Q: Share a little about what you love about the handmade community in Portland.
Portland has a vibrant maker community. Meeting folks and learning about there beautiful creations and there passion is so invigorating for me. I also love being a connecter and help people find resources and support. That is why I started the pop up shops together with some other lovely local makers, we bring together 30 artists and set up a very beautiful design shop.

Q: What's your favorite thing about Portland?
Portland is just always changing and so much happens here. Also everybody is really into sharing and collaborating. People ares so open and so willing to help and willing to give. It always amazes me and I am tremendously grateful for that.

Round_Clear 1.JPG

Q: What's the most important thing makers should remember when running their businesses
Ask for help, reach out, be patient with your self, don't be afraid to change things up if something does not work for you. I have changed my services/products every single year I have been in business, which is 6 years, it helps it stay fresh, exiting and fun.

Q: Where can people find you online?
It is a bit confusing right now, I am actually working on a domain name chance but at the moment I have 2 websites one for the studio( popup) and one for my services here are both and (each have a link to connect to the other)