Turn Followers into Customers with Rich Pins

You hear it all the time-- Pinterest is so great for selling things! You should totally be on there. But being on there is less about getting a ton of followers (though that is nice) and more about getting your pins found. Think of it like Google for pretty and inspiring things... only you get to hold on to your searches on your page to come to later. 

Today, our superstar handmade supporter and Awards Show sponsor Made Freshly gives us another great strategic marketing post! After this post you will never "poor pin" again.

Pinterest isn’t just the fantastically addictive site you get sucked into for hours looking for your next craft inspiration anymore. This viral site can actually do a LOT more for your business than just inspire you.

Pinterest has quickly grown to become one of the big dogs of social media marketing for business, bringing traffic (ahem, that means sales) to online stores.

Visitors referred by pins are 10% more likely to make a purchase in your online store and will spend 10% more compared to referrals from other social media sites (eat dust, Twitter and Facebook!).

And then there’s the fact that shoppers brought to your site by Pinterest will spend 70% more on average than shoppers from non-social channels like search bars (Niraj Shah, Wayfair CEO).

But that’s not all.   

You, as a creative business have the edge here.

The site still has its roots in collecting beautiful images and DIY projects for the aesthetic enthusiasts of the world.

Pinterest marketing was literally built for your business.

The thing is, you have to use your Pinterest for Business account the right way to get that traffic to your site.

The secret is using the Rich Pin feature. And it’s totally free! Here I’ll give you the low down on everything you need to know to use them for more traffic to your site and more sales!

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How do Rich Pins Skyrocket Your Traffic?

Rich Pins display more interactive and engaging information for your potential customers than your average photo that lead directly to your store or site.

There are 6 different types of Rich Pins:

  • App

  • Movie

  • Recipe

  • Article

  • Product

  • Place

But let’s focus on Product Pins since those are what you’ll probably need for your business in particular.

Product Pins include hyperlinks and real time stock and price updates. That means if the price of an item or its stock status changes in your store, that info will be automatically updated on your Rich Pin as it happens.

That’s less work for you, and better information for your customers.

We all know how at each step of the buying decision process, we lose customers. So the best way to cut down on the number of customers lost, is to shorten the process for them.

Rich Product Pins shorten the process by making super clear and accessible all the information your potential customers need to make the decision (and take the action) of buying in your store.

Here’s How to Use Rich Pins to Generate Your Traffic

First off, you’re going to need to have a Business Pinterest Account that is validated for Rich Pins.

You’re going to have to go through this validation process directly with Pinterest, and it might take some preparation and techie knowledge.

Here are step-by-step directions on applying for Rich Pins.

Once you get the green light on Rich Pins, you’ve leveled up in your Pinterest marketing. But what are you going to do with this new power?

Here’s a cheat sheet for posting Rich Product Pins optimized for sales.

Rich Pins Cheat Sheet

#1 Keep Images Looking Sharp – We don’t want shoppers squinting to see your intricate laser-cut jewelry. Make sure you use a good camera and large file size, so your product images come out crisp and clear.

#2 Image Size Does Matter – Avoid an awkward crop job on your photo. Remember that pins are consistent in width but can vary in length. Make sure you optimize your photos for the web, and for the right Pinterest sizes. Check out Rob Russo’s tips for the Perfect Pinterest Pin Size.

#3 Practice Honest Advertising – If a hasty online shopper confuses a nightstand for a dresser or a handbag for a clutch, they’re in for disappointment. Scale products accurately in photos (including models or scaling against common objects can help!).

#4 Highlight Your Best Features – Put your good side to the camera. Pin photos that show the best angle and highlight the greatest features of your product. Social media users can scroll fast, so if you got it, flaunt it!

#5 Keep Descriptions Clean – Pinterest is a visual site and browsers don’t have time to read a novel. A concise, descriptive caption is all you need. Remember that Rich Pins allow links, so viewers will click if they want more.

Include a simple and direct call-to-action in the pin description and you should see an 80% increase in engagement.

#6 Never, Ever Forget to Link – This Rich Pins feature is your best friend. The larger bolded name is a Rich Pin link (link to the page where customers would find the product) and you can also include a link in the pin description below. Links generate direct traffic and makes it easy for your shoppers to find you.

#7 Razzle-Dazzle ‘Em – Be bold, use color and contrast. Remember that you’re posting a photo into a mob of visually appealing pins, so you need to attract people first before you can even begin turning them into customers.

The Recipe for Traffic & Sales Generating Rich Pins

See? It’s really not so difficult! Now you’ve got all the info it takes to maximize your Pinterest marketing strategy with Rich Pins. Just go through this checklist every time you post a Rich Pin, and you’re on your way to generating site traffic and bagging sales:

  • Validate your Pinterest account for Rich Pins https://developers.pinterest.com/rich_pins/
  • Use quality images
  • Size your photos correctly (width is set, but you can play with length)
  • Scale objects accurately in photos
  • Highlight your best features (in photos and concise descriptions)
  • Always link to your site
  • Be bold and go for attention

Now you have no reason not to craft pins that bring traffic directly to your store, and bring your business more sales!

Make your pins rich, and your pins can make you richer!

Rachel is the resident Content Fairy at MadeFreshly, the online store platform that actually helps you succeed.