WHY SHOP Handmade: Erin Hall and Wendy Vitzthum

This series focuses on why our members shop handmade. The intent is to help give reasons to friends, family and fellow makers for why shopping handmade is so important, especially during the holiday season. I hope you will share and enjoy! You can also read the whole series here.

Erin Hall of I Can Craft That

I Can Craft That

Hamilton, Ontario

What does shopping local mean to you as a small business owner? What impact does people's choice to shop local make on your life?
Shopping local helps support local business people achieve their hopes and dreams and support their family. if you spend $20 at a local business for a birthday gift it makes a real difference to that person where as on the other hand if you spend $20 at a large multinational business (walmart etc) its not even a drop in the lake. it makes no difference to their daily lives. additionally the bulk of profits are not kept in your community and does not support or strengthen the people and community as a whole.

How has running a small business changed your life?
I have mental health and anxiety issues that make working for a large company or for others very difficult. when people buy from me it allows me to stay home take care of my children help my neighbors and my kids school. it gives me a purpose for my days and means to contribute to my family's financial budget.

Wendy Vitzthum of Av Jorden

Av Jorden

Denver, CO

Why is handmade important to you? Why does handmade matter?
Handmade has become very important to me. The people behind the product pour their heart and soul into each piece. I know I am getting something of quality versus something that was manufactured in a line. Buying handmade is much more personal.


Why do you shop handmade for the holidays?
When I shop handmade for the holidays I am supporting someone directly. I am helping them live out a passion of theirs that gives them the ability to pay the bills. It allows them to possibly be home more with their families, to leave a job that drained them, or even make a big impact in their communities.