Why Shop Handmade: Rebecca Holt

This series focuses on why our members shop handmade. The intent is to help give reasons to friends, family and fellow makers for why shopping handmade is so important, especially during the holiday season. I hope you will share and enjoy! You can also read the whole series here.

Rebecca Holt of Rebecca Holt Jewelry

Rebecca Holt Jewelry

Atlanta, GA

What does shopping local mean to you as a small business owner? What impact does people's choice to shop local make on your life?
Shopping local supports the community in amazing ways! It supports local artisans who are making quality items for you and your loved ones. If you go to Walmart/Forever 21/Macy's, that sale is a drop in the bucket to them. They wouldn't notice if you left or stayed. However if you buy local, you're putting food on the table/paying their gas bill or helping to pay for much needed medications. Those big box stores want your money so they can continually put more of your hard earned dollars into the pockets of already rich investors. Shopping local supports the community by making it so these places can actually stay in business and you get a quality handmade item. It creates jobs for Americans who don't outsource for more mass produced items to sell for big profit at a box store.

How has running a small business changed your life?
My quality of life is greatly improved by the fact that I can support myself with my own small business. We wouldn't be able to afford medications for our dog/electricity/gas/some groceries without it. We also wouldn't have the income to travel to see me and my husband's families for the holidays. If I was working a job I hated I'm pretty sure I wouldn't even want to travel or be happy enough to spend the time that I do with my family.

Why is handmade important to you? Why does handmade matter?
Handmade is so important to me because of the joy I see someone had by making a handmade item. The thought process behind a piece that is usable and beautiful is so impactful to my own life - I love making usable wearable jewelry for people. I get so much joy from doing it and being able to support myself with it, it's important to me that others have that feeling as well.

The client's who buy my pieces or who buy handmade items get joy from it too! They can tell when you really love what you did and usually it makes them want it even more. Creating our own jobs in America and solving our own problems when we need certain items so we don't turn to a big box store that outsources the work to factories for them is so important. 

Why do you shop handmade for the holidays?
I shop handmade for the holidays because I'm a maker and I know how important it is to support those people! I know they can't afford to buy gifts and travel for their own family without me, so I do what I can to support that.