When making resolutions in the new year, I used to arbitrarily and somewhat wistfully make my resolutions. It was often based on some kind of nostalgia for what I used to be (10 pounds lighter!) or what I thought I *should* be.

Like so many people, I was letting the past and arbitrary expectations dictate my goals. They weren’t bad per se, but they weren’t based on the realities of my current life and the path I wanted to take to make improvements.

Owning my own business has given me a bit more clarity into my resolutions. It’s grounded me in reality a bit more. Instead of letting whims, wishes and external comparisons guide my goals for the year, I now think: Where do I want to be at the end of this year? Then I work backwards.

I know that asking “Where do I want to be at the end of this year” seems arbitrary and that it even could become wishful thinking. However, I find that when I have to ask myself this question it is actually quite grounding. I have to create a picture of the end. Of all of the achievement. And even qualifying it with “by the end of this year” gives me the “T” in SMART goals already (time bound).

Starting with the end and working backwards is the best way to set goals. It makes things feel less overwhelming and also helps you evaluate if you are playing too small (or might be biting off more than you can chew).

On the podcast Isaac discusses the idea about looking at the end with two makers: Holly Marsh of Marshmueller and Melissa Wert of Print Therapy. Both work toward their goals in different ways and have also changed course along the way. I think you will enjoy it if you haven't already listened.

I'd challenge you to think about how you can apply this in your own business. 

Some questions to think about:
#1: Are your goals related DIRECTLY to getting you to where you want to end up?
#2: Have you tied your goals to a timeline and realistic action items?
#3: Have you made goals a priority or have you made busy work?



3 Reasons Why the Answer Isn't Another Course (or a Free Blog Post)

3 Reasons Why the Answer Isn't Another Course (or a Free Blog Post)

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