Adventures at Creative Outlet Studios

Last year KC and Sharon had the privilege of meeting Creative Outlet Studios co-owner Lauren Macaluso (her uber-crafty mom is her partner) through the OC Etsy Networking Meetup. Creative Outlet had yet to open, but we were excited to hear about a space that would let anyone use high-end, professional equipment to craft whatever project they are working on (for personal or business-related projects!). You'll find industrial sewing machines that will even put Project Runway to shame, a professional ironing station (see KC excited to release some wrinkles in the photos below), pro-grade screenprinting equipment, a tabletop letterpess machine, dress forms, plenty of table/cutting space and lots of tools to help your project come to life. You can rent the space by the hour or have a monthly membership if you know you've got a lot of projects (or just like hanging out with Lauren and her mom Susan-- trust us they're a blast and have lots of craft-knowledge to share). We've visited a few times since they opened a few months ago and have never not had fun. They also host events where you can stop by and create fun things while sipping on adult beverages and hanging out with cool people. 

KC and Sharon are so grateful for the use of the screenprinting equipment as we created badges that members can use at their tables at craft shows, brick-and-mortar storefronts and events. We had a blast using the equipment, had so much fun with our gracious hosts and love how the end product turned out! Thanks again to Creative Outlet Studios!