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Tax Tips for Makers: A Roundup!


Tax Tips for Makers: A Roundup!

Academy Of Handmade

Tax Season is here! Check out some of these articles for tips on keeping things calm, organized, and as low-stress as possible! We'd love to know-- what's the best tax advice you've been given. Tell us in the comments below.

Tax Tips from our #ahasmembers chat: We speak with experts every month and record it for #ahasmembers to watch when they can. One of our first ones was with Nicole D. Feldman, CPA. She specializes in getting the maximum deductions for her clients without flagging items that may lead to being audited. We have a few highlights from that chat here!

Keep Calm! 5 Ways to Keep Tax Season Serene From the Etsy Seller Handbook: one maker shares her best tips for keeping tax season low key.

Get the Basics: If you're new to the handmade business gig or just want a refresher on the basics (cuz really, what's easy and basic about taxes?), check out Taxes 101 for Etsy Sellers.

Know Your Deductions: Paper and Spark has a great article reminding makers of the many, many business-related expenses they can deduct (hint: it's more than you might think), plus tips for effectively tracking those expenses. There's also a highly detailed, introductory article on Income Taxes for Your Creative Business or Blog!

Did you donate product or services from your biz this year? Here's how to deduct them from your taxes! And finally, here's a quick rundown of the most frequently missed deductions for makers.

There's an app for that! Check out Etsy Expert's 2016 Roundup of the Top 10 Tax Apps for Etsy Sellers.

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