Wholesale Post Round Up

This post was part of the launch of our FREE Wholesale Tuneup Series (which you can still sign up for!) and so we are wanting to give you some wholesale help leading up to it. So far we introduced you to a few #ahasmembers who talked about how wholesale changed their businesses and posted a big list of wholesale resources our members love. Here on the blog there are quite a few posts that, if you haven't read yet, are by smart and helpful folks. We include a few other posts we love too. Enjoy!


The Do's and Don'ts of Wholesaling: Maker, online boutique owner and #ahasmember! Stacy Wong understands the wholesale game from the inside out. There's a lot to know about it and we're grateful that Stacy has offered to share some of her valuable wisdom with us!

Are you Ready for Wholesale?: Wholesale veteran Mei Pak of Tiny Hands jewelry helps makers, artists and designers get more exposure and make more sales in their creative businesses. Here are five things Mei recommends you should be thinking about if you're going to wholesale.

Be Prepared when Buyers Approach you: "Wholesaling has absolutely been the key to taking our business from just getting by to building a sustainable business." Pomme Frittes share how they prepare for their first wholesale clients and how it changed their business for the better.

A Behind the Scenes Perspective on Wholesale: We talked member Charlie Wright who has the unique situation of having been in three major roles of the wholesale process. Charlie was a buyer for locally focused San Francisco store, she runs her own handmade biz Minor Thread, and she also manages the wholesale for stationery phenom Emily McDowell. Who better to give you a behind-the-scenes look at wholesale?

Wholesale for the first time: Wholesale is a big leap in business for many makers. It can signify the feeling of going "big." So, we thought we'd ask artist and #ahasmember Susan Elliot of Neptune Creations about her experience of stepping into the world of wholesale for the first time.

Etsy Wholesale: Many people don't know where to start with wholesale, but if you are already on Etsy using Etsy Wholesale can be good way to test the waters and get out the nerves that come with approaching a store. That is the nice thing about Etsy Wholesale: buyers contact you


23 Wholesale Terms Every Maker Should Know from CreativeLive: You’ve been hustling to create a solid product line, strong brand and you’ve seen success selling your products online and in craft shows. You’re making a name for yourself and you’ve started getting inquiries from retail shops (big and small) that are interested in carrying your products. It’s time to get up to speed and learn wholesale lingo.

Four questions to ask yourself before pitching to a retailer from Lucky Break Consulting: As a business consultant for artisan brands, Lela Barker spends a significant amount of time building strategy into the wholesale programs of makers and product designers. A good portion of that time is invested helping makers determine which opportunities are best suited to them… and “Monday morning quarterbacking” deals and collaborations that aren’t serving them well.

What is a Line Sheet and Why You Need One from Launch Grow Joy: What is a line sheet?Do you even need one? Can it really help you increase sales or is that an urban legend? Well, a line sheet is an essential for e-commerce store owners and if you sell a product, you do need a line sheet.

How to Create a Wholesale Line Sheet in Microsoft Word or Pages for Mac from Creative Hive Co.: Using just Microsoft Word or Pages for Mac, you can create a wholesale linesheet that is super easy to set up and maintain. You don’t need to pay for a subscription or service, you don’t need to hire a graphic designer. All you need to do how to do is insert tables and photos, which Mei promises is as easy is making text bold or center aligned.

3 Myths about Wholesale that are Holding your Business Back from Megan Aumen: "If it wasn’t for wholesale," Megan Aumen says, "I wouldn’t have a business. But I see so many makers resisting getting into wholesale because of a few misled beliefs. And these beliefs could literally be costing your business thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars of revenue."

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