Wholesale Tuneup Series Sign Ups Start Today!

The Wholesale Tuneup Series signups start today! This email series runs June 28-July 18 and is meant to help you keep thinking about ways you can improve areas of your wholesale business-- and will also let you pat yourself on the back any time someone suggests doing something you are already doing (YAY YOU!).

If you've ever done an email series before you know it can sometimes be really intense-- like drinking from a firehose. This series is not that (or it's at least designed not to be that way). We try to offer perspective and ways to tweak, along with recs for great resources and ways to go deeper. It's totally up to you if you want to!

Don't let the amount of content and emails overwhelm you. Come back to them later and reread when you're ready if you need to. YOU CAN DO IT! :)

If you're not doing wholesale yet or just starting, don't worry. There's a lot to explore in this series and all of our experts and shop owners were hand selected because helping makers is what they do! Meet them:

Lela Barker, Lucky Break Consulting

I'm a business strategist for makers and product designers. I foster emerging creative brands by infusing your passion with wisdom and strategic tools to evolve that passion into a sustainable business. I collaborate with moguls-in-the-making on wholesale strategy, product pricing, brand development and more. The result? You enjoy more traction, make more money, sleep better at night, and put more beauty into the world while building a business that makes you doing-cartwheels-excited. 

Katie Hunt, Tradeshow Bootcamp

Launched in the spring of 2011, Tradeshow Bootcamp helps creative product based businesses prepare for the wholesale market and wholesale trade shows through online courses and in-person conferences. We've worked with hundreds of creative entrepreneurs, primarily in the stationery and gift industry. Our goal is to help these companies build strong, profitable and sustainable businesses.

Adrienne Wiley, Adventures in Wholesale/Coveted/Frolick

Covet is a small chain of specialty boutiques that carries Frolick Jewelry, apparel, accessories, and local designer gift items. Frolick is a wholesale jewelry business I started 12 years ago. The line is sold currently sold in about 800 boutiques and several big box retailers across the US. he experience with these ventures allowed me to write Adventures in Wholesale.

Marlo Miyashiro, Creative Arts Consulting/The Handmade Showroom

I specialize in helping artists and makers work through some of the blocks and decisions that need to be made to start, run, and grow a business doing what they love. With more than 20 years of personal experience in running my own businesses, from a full line of hand-fabricated jewelry which was sold in over 200 stores, galleries, and national catalogs over a 12 year period to my current project at The Handmade Showroom – a retail gallery and storefront dedicated to showcasing the best of Handmade by artists in and around the Pacific Northwest region of the US, I have a very wide and deep knowledge of both the artists and retailers perspectives when it comes to creative businesses.

Marci Toombs, Lula Mae

We are celebrating 13 years in business. We carry ONLY family owned or independently owned lines. We have been cited Best Gift Boutique in Pasadena, Top 5 Card Shops in LA, a must see b y the NY Times, and one of the top 25 most gifted retailers in LA. We teach weekly workshops and pride ourselves in customer service, and genuine excitement about what we do! :-)

Leanna Lin Fong, Leanna Lin's Wonderland

Leanna Lin's Wonderland is a playful gift SHOP and ART gallery featuring independent artists + designers for the young at heart! Leanna Lin carefully selects brands that make you smile :) from art, jewelry, toys, stationery, books, decor & more! While Leanna's mom, Mae Mei, scouts out eclectic vintage mid-century modern home decor, jewelry, and things with kitsch! The shop is always getting new things, so keep checking back in store and online.

Rosalie Gale & Lauren Rudeck, Ugly Baby & La Ru

Ugly Baby (Rosalie & Douglas Gale) and La Ru (Lauren Rudeck) share this retail space in the historic Pike Place Market and the art studio upstairs. We sell our own work as well as D.I.Y. craft kits made by other independent artists.  

Pei Sims, Paper & Craft Pantry

The Paper + Craft Pantry is Austin's first and only locally owned retail paper shop and full-service workshop studio with a goal of creating an inclusive and creative space in the community.

Our retail shop provides a one-of-a-kind shopping experience that showcases talented paper makers, designers and artists from around the world. Our workshop studio serves as a collective hub with weekly workshops and DIY classes that give locals a creative outlet, an avenue to meet new people and a space to learn new skills to add to their repertoire.


Summer is unpredictable. But know what's certain? The rush of the holidays are coming soon. Don't let the opportunity to implement or refine your wholesale strategy during the lazy/crazy/hazy days of summer pass you by!