Why We Created Our Latest Program: Jumpstart Your Handmade Business

The internet can be a shouty place sometimes. Which is one of the reasons why newer handmade business owners can wind up feeling overwhelmed and isolated.

Where should I start?
What resources will help me?
Which are best for where I'm at right now?
Who can I trust?

We hear questions like this from makers ALL THE TIME! And we also often see makers totally unaware of some of the great resources available to them.

It's hard because you don't know what you don't know. Which can sometimes lead to binging on education and analysis paralysis. 

More education usually isn't the antidote and doesn't give you clarity and confidence if you aren't using it right or have a plan for it.

Which is why as we revamped our programming this summer, we felt it was important to create a program that gave a foundation to our mentorship and mastermind programs.

Our mentorship and mastermind programs are all about mastering new business concepts and skills in community. But when you're working with a mentor or a group of seasoned peers, having a foundation that includes a plan and direction is vital to making the most of that experience!

Which is why we created Jumpstart Your Handmade Business, a program designed to:

  • Help you understand where you are at right now (key to any progress!)
  • Clarify your goals 
  • Expose you to the resources we know are trusted
  • Support whatever path you choose for your business
  • Let you confidently say no to programs you don't need

When you know what you want out and where you're going, it becomes easier to make sense of the information that out there and achieve your goals faster without wasting time.

That's us just casually crafting this new program and it's totally not posed at all. ;)

That's us just casually crafting this new program and it's totally not posed at all. ;)

Jumpstart Your Handmade Business involves: 

  • A unique system to help you understand which of the four types of handmade businesses you want to become and which one you currently are
  • A guide to developing a resource plan to help you get where you want to go
  • Live webinar (August 18) includes panels and Q&A with experienced makers and leading experts who share how to know when you're ready to take the next steps in your business and what you must master now!
  • Hotseats at the live webinar (limited availability)
  • Community support through our private forums and community programs*
  • Access to our library of resources FOREVER

We are sooo excited about what we've pulled together!

Tomorrow the cart will open and we will go into a little bit more detail about how things will work. But you can read some more details about the program here.

In the meantime, we'd love to know your questions and any of your thoughts on what we are creating. Feel free to comment below and tell us!