Paige Poppe: Video Content for Makers

Is one of your New Year's resolutions to tackle video? If it is then I would like you to meet Paige Poppe. As a young artist it might seem like she has a leg up when it comes to video and Youtube, but she proves that it's a powerful tool for connecting with your audience no matter your age. Her videos are engaging and fun. It's funny what happens when people are humans on social media! :) On the business side, though, Youtube is the world's SECOND largest search engine after Google. 

Have you tried your hand at Youtube? What's been your experience? What's holding you back? Let us know in the comments!

Q: Tell us about yourself and what you make!
My name is Paige Poppe, and I'm an artist! I work in watercolor + acrylic, and most of the work I create is inspired by the desert. I am an Arizona native, and am really drawn to the surroundings here. I have bene creating art since a very young age, but have been creating my art as a business for about a year and a half. I started gaining experience by painting custom skateboards for clients on Etsy, and knew that I wanted to expand onto my own website, and also expand my body of work during my last year of college in 2014. I no longer just limit myself to one canvas, and have found so much joy sharing my work and perspective as an artist with my audience.

Q: How do you use Youtube in your business?
I use YouTube to share videos of my artwork, painting process, behind-the-scenes of my work and business, and of my life. I try to make YouTube the fun part of my business! I'm very aware that many people who watch my YouTube videos aren't necessarily there to purchase from me. They want to be entertained. So I don't often "sell, sell, sell" and just try to share fun videos and enjoy the process. 

I also think it's important to note that while YouTube is an amazing search platform within itself, I always take one extra step, to create a new blog post so I can post the video on my own website. Instead of directing people to my YouTube channel, I direct them to the video after it is posted on my blog. That way, they are already on my site, and can look at more of my work and what I currently have in my shop. 

Q: How did you start using it?
When I first started watching YouTube, I enjoyed watching videos from the fashion and beauty community. I made my first few videos in college about my style and outfits, before I really considered myself a "YouTuber." It wasn't until I was more serious with turning my art into a business that I started uploading regularly, and making video content of my work and perspective as an artist. 

Q: What do you like best about Youtube?
I like that YouTube is a community within itself. I feel people who keep up with my video content (either Periscope, Youtube, or Snapchat) know me the best. While other platforms tend to be more targeted in sharing my work or my products, video platforms give you a bit more time and freedom to express other parts of your life + personality. For example, on YouTube, I will often share my favorite art products of the month, or my hobby of scrapbooking, and more behind-the-scenes of my life. 

I also really enjoy how YouTube is a discovery platform. Because the videos stay around forever (in comparison to Periscope or Snapchat videos which disappear after 24 hours) people are able to search a topic, find my videos and connect with me. It's really a place where people with common interests can come together and share. 

Q: How can other makers and artists use it?
There are really so many different videos you could create! To give some ideas: film art-challenge videos, share your new products through a montage, create a talk-through video showing all of the aspects of your products or a preview of something new you'll be releasing, or maybe share a tour of your office space where you create your products. 

Q: What should makers know about the platform before using it?
Besides being fun, YouTube can be another income stream for your business. I have received a few checks from Google+ this year (they run the analytics associated with Youtube) and it's really nice to be making money from videos that I have already created as a tool for my business.

Q: Are there any special tools, trainings or setups that people need to use Youtube most effectively?
The most beneficial thing to research before uploading your videos would be a little training on how to write your title, tags, and video description to improve the SEO of your videos. YouTube has a site full of video tutorials created by other YouTubers, and often has little bootcamp sessions where you can learn specific topics, for example, how to make money on YouTube. 

As far as tools go, a camera, tripod, and video editing program are essential. As for the camera, I have created videos with my iPhone that aren't terrible, but if you can stick to a filming routine and plan to keep uploading videos, I would upgrade to a DSLR camera that has video capability. As not only a creator, but a viewer on YouTube, I really appreciate watching high quality videos! Next, I would do the same process and invest in a tripod once you know you want to keep creating video content. And to edit your videos, if you have a Mac computer, you are good to go! Most people edit with the iMovie program that is free + already installed on the computer. Otherwise, there are other programs you can try out with a free trial and eventually purchase. 

Q: You are a younger artist and many who are not so young, might feel like that it's not something for someone their age. What would you tell them?
Video content is favored by search engines, so it is the best way to optimize your content. If you aren't interested in having Youtube become a hobby or a community, the videos will still be useful for your customers! For example, if I am comparing day planners that I want to purchase, I always compare a few planner review videos that people have created. It allows me to see inside the planner, the various pages, what I can expect, etc. And if they're afraid they're "too old" for it, don't let that hold you back! I follow a lot of successful women on YouTube who are makers, and for some of them in fact, just being a YouTuber and creating their videos has become their entire business. And p.s. you're never too old for anything! ;)

Q: Anything else?
If you're not hooked yet, I encourage you to just poke around on YouTube as a viewer. You'd be amazed at how much amazing content is on there! Search the niche of your business, or perhaps one of your hobbies. I've noticed that most people who are just viewers on YouTube get the bug, and tend to starting getting curious about creating videos themselves!

Q: Where can people find your stuff?
My paintings and art products shop, as well as my blog where you can watch my videos, are all on my website,! Like I mentioned, I'm also big into Periscope (@Paige_Poppe) and Snapchat (@PaigePoppe) where I basically create daily vlogs of my life as an artist. I also really love Instagram (probably my first online love) and you can find me there @PaigePoppe


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