Thank you for your interest in chapter leadership. Please fill out the form below so we can get to know more about you. 

To recap, here are the general commitments of leadership:
Our preference for a chapter is for there to be two designated leaders. There can be other volunteers helping out in designated categories, but we would like two who are designated point people and decision makers. Because this is largely a volunteer gig, we don't want burn out. What makes a great leader? Well, there aren't requirements or a "type" we are looking for, but between the two of you there should be:

  • A great desire to build up the local maker community
  • Time available for  planning and attending activities
  • Organization and follow through
  • Connections with makers, people who work with makers and/or people who can help makers locally
  • Experience with and knowledge of your local maker "scene"
  • A 12-month commitment
  • Able to give about 10 hours month
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Are you a member? *
e.g.: Attending meetings, active in the forums, participating in online chats, etc.
Please provide a LINK to the social media account you use the most often to interact with customers.
How did it start? Who do you work with? What products to do you offer?
This is does not have to be paid, just wondering connections you've made, support you've given and other ways you've been involved in the maker community.
This could be courses, workshops, books, etc.
This could be courses, workshops, books, etc.
Time Committment *
Can you give 2-3 hours a week to AHAS activities? Or about 10 hours a month?
Being able to follow through on commitments, plan and run events is a huge a component of leadership. Please discuss concrete examples of how you embody these traits.
We try to create teams that have a balance of personalities. Please list the five personality traits that best describe you.
This position requires a lot of event planning. What experience do you have with this? This could be anything from planning workshops for your business to leading events at your place of worship.
What skills and talents do you bring to this position that you would like to share with your community?
You will sometimes have to deal with difficult or discouraging situations. Things don't always go as planned and people don't always cooperate. Please let us know how you have handled similar situations in your own life.
Please discuss your desire to help others grow in their businesses and helping to make the handmade community more professional. Your job will not just to be provide programming that benefits YOUR business, but also helps businesses that might not be as advanced. You should be comfortable with helping those who are "behind."