There are so many wonderful opportunities for makers to connect online (like in our forums and through our online events!). But there is still no replacement for “in real life” connections.

For makers, it’s important because locality can plan a huge role in your business-- from knowing what area shops to wholesale in, to what suppliers are best for your business, to hearing about the latest craft markets. It’s also a great way to grow deep connections with people who really understand what your business is all about.

Becoming part of a professional community of talented makers (and elite businesses that provide services to them) helps you become better at your business, demonstrates you are serious about your business and enriches your business support network.

What Does It Look Like to Be Part of a Chapter?

Chapters usually meet about once a month and programming varies. Here are our four main chapter events:

  • Product & Design Roundtables: One of our most popular events, P&DRTs are part art critique (though usually WAY less harsh), part business brainstorm. You “bring” (sometimes it’s only an idea) whatever project or product you’re working on and the makers and maker supporters present help you get some perspective. We try to hold these in a local shop after it closes so we can have feedback from a retailer in the mix. Because of timing and space limitations, these meetings are about a dozen or so people.

  • Lunch & Learns or Coffee Talks: In the time it takes you to get coffee or do lunch, we try to check something off your to do list. Previous events have included holiday goal setting, fixing your about page or working on your Pinterest page.

  • Handmade Happy Hours: A time to hang out and socialize over drinks or food or both. Sometimes we do an easy craft… other times we just gab about recent happenings.

  • Workshops or Panels: Holding workshops and panels that address specific topics important to the maker community is always a concern of ours. This means exploring everything from bookkeeping to wholesaling to social media.

For right now, there is no extra cost to be part of a chapter area, though most chapter events involve a small fee (ALWAYS discounted for members!). Chapters are largely self funded, though have a small amount of financial support from the governing AHAS organization.

Current Chapters



  • new leaders coming soon!

We are actively looking for new leaders, so let us know!



  • Barbara Magaña
  • Jill Evans



  • Sierra Bailey
  • Brandy Davis



  • Adrienne Sieffert
  • TeDi Jansen

We are actively looking for new leaders, so let us know!



  • Sharon Fain
  • Christina Wennstrom (South Bay/ Long Beach)
  • Jenet Morrow (South Bay/Long Beach)
  • Tina Rodas (Northeast LA County)

We are actively looking for leaders, so let us know!



  • Gregory Jueneman
  • Lisa Cookston

We are actively looking for leaders, so let us know!



  • Richelle Shadoan



  • Weina Dinata
  • Ullika Pankratz

How Can I Be Involved?

AHAS is more than just the founder, it's about people in other cities and in distant places who share that same commitment to support makers, whether they are makers themselves or a business that works with makers. Chapters are run by people who care deeply about supporting, celebrating and connecting with makers. They are volunteers helping to not only support and connect local makers, but are seen as leaders among their peers. 

Chapters are a cornerstone of our programming. We are growing them year by year and hope to have one in 20 major metro areas by the end of 2016. This means we need people who are both willing to help start a chapter and to help lead one for a full year (chapter leadership is always done in pairs or threes). If you’d like more information about becoming a chapter leader, or you just want to be notified when one starts up in your area, please fill out the form below.

We should note that currently we are looking to create chapters in the US most immediately, then Canada. However, we are open to exploring the possibility of chapters outside of North America.

If you're interested being part of new chapter or being part of chapter leadership, please sign up below! You'll get updates on when we're expanding and how you can be part of it.

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