Episode 3: Stop It with the Gym Membership Mentality

There is no one answer for your business problems. Just like signing up for a gym membership isn’t the single thing holding you back from getting into shape, you need to focus on what’s really important for your business and follow through. This includes knowing what’s working and what isn’t, and paring down if needed. Online chapter leader TeDi Jansen joins Isaac to talk about how her business is simplifying in the new year.

Episode Guest

TeDi Jansen is the chief shepherdess at Small Acre farm, just a few miles north of Fort Collins, CO. She lives with her family in a big barn with the house on top and the stalls below. She loves being close to our animals and her house/barn allows her to be near them if they’re sick, hurt, or giving birth. TeDi makes goat milk soap and lotion, hand-spins wool from her sheep, and is a fiber artist to boot.