Episode 15: Stressing Out About Self-Care

Are you feeling it?

Pressure. Tension. Volume. Noise. Chaos. Mass. Pushing. Shoving.

It’s. It’s… THE HOLIDAYS!!!!

Who just had a little mini-panic attack? Hmmm?

Some of the holiday craft shows have already begun. Others are around the corner. Some makers are lining up every single weekend between now and December 24th with holiday markets and fairs to sell their wares and reap what they’ve been sowing all year long. Online orders are picking up, shipping deadlines are set, and the retail craze is about to get, well, crazy with a capital NUTS.
Holidays can be stressful and overwhelming as it is—family drama, winter doldrums, kids out of school, and all the food you can shove in your face (not that there’s anything wrong with that)—but for makers, the span from Veteran’s Day to New Year’s Eve is also jampacked with making product, hawking wares, and shipping out orders. It’s any wonder we can enjoy the holidays at all!

Alright, who’s having a panic attack now?

I’m really not trying to stress you out. The truth is, I’m just hoping I’m sneaky enough to get your blood pressure high enough that you’ll listen closely to rest of this episode.

The holidays are STRESSFUL. We know this. We also know that with increased stress comes the tendency to be even more self-critical against the perceived standards of others. What I mean by that is that we often see our peers through the heavily filtered lens of social media—everything seems fine over there in Instagramland, right? But in our territory we know exactly how things are going, warts and all. Yet we still compare ourselves to what we see from afar and idealize others for what we think they do while beating ourselves up for our own shortcomings. Stop it—what you see out there is not real.

We also like to set ridiculous, impossible-to-meet goals for ourselves and hold ourselves up to the cutthroat bar of big-box retail practices.

Instead of beating yourself up, try taking care of yourself for a change. If you can manage your stress and reduce how overwhelming it all feels, you’ll put yourself on the right track for saving your emotional well-being.

The holidays may feel like a sprint, but your handmade business is a marathon. There are more holidays to come, and more slow seasons, and everything in between. Completely draining yourself during the last three months of the year does a disservice to the other nine months and the years to follow after that.

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Episode Guest

Dr Samantha Brody is a licensed naturopathic physician, acupuncturist, and owner of Evergreen Natural Health Center in Hillsdale in Sw Portland. She also has a virtual arm of her business doing health counseling and coaching for clients across the globe.

When she’s not seeing patients and clients, you can find her speaking and writing on health, stress, overwhelm, and integrative medicine. Her book, Overcoming Overwhelm is forthcoming with Sounds True Publishing in January 2019.

For healthy tips and motivation, follow her on Instagram.


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