Episode 20: Perfect Packaging and Working with a Printer

This episode of YHBTV is all about developing a relationship with a printer or other production vendor. Between my own background as a design project manager and Sharon’s experience in marketing and PR, we realized we have so many insights and thoughts to share about working with a printer, especially as a maker who may not know the ins and outs of the industry. You’ll hear us dive into:

  1. The value of having a solid relationship with a printer

  2. The process of getting and comparing bids

  3. The Printer’s Triangle

  4. How to address issues or poorly met expectations

  5. Finding the balance between budget, capabilities, and your dream results

Sharon and I get a little into the weeds, but this episode is chock full of great information, so you might want to grab a notebook and jot some things down as we go, especially if you’re ready to take the leap beyond quick-turn online solutions into a local printer relationship.


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